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What, Think for Myself? 

I was out among the inhabitants of Minneapolis and St Paul at a local mall today. (one of the members of my family needed new underwear)  As I walked around looking at people shopping I was thinking about the events that happen on this day in history.  The Church calls it Good Friday when an innocent righteous man died on a cross.  Now at the time, I suppose it was not a big deal, because a lot of people were crucified by the Romans.

However, this time it was different, this man Yeshua/Jesus was a man whose life was lived to help others, what could He have done for Him to desire such a painful, disgraceful death as crucifixion?  Good question.

If we thought this through on our own, it would seem unfair, unreasonable, and His family should receive some kind of remuneration for His untimely death. But the scripture tells us that His death was planned even before the foundation of the world.  God knew that humans would be so far out of control concerning their lives, that it would take involvement from the Creator to help them out. So instead of lowering the bar on sinfulness, and giving everyone some kind of pass, God decided to fix the problem of free will gone bad, once and for all. He would bring a substitute atonement for sin for all humans, and it require God giving Himself as a sacrifice worthy of a substitutionary atonement for all human kind. 

God doesn't make mistakes, He is perfect and His plans are perfect, so when Jesus went to the cross it was His perfect plan. In exchange we who escaped the penalty of sin received forgiveness, a pass, a pardon, restoration of all privileges with God, once and for all time. Such a deal!  

Now what would anyone  pass on such a deal?  What would you give in order to get a pass to live forever with God in paradise?  You mean to tell me that your skeptical mind is keeping you away from the deal of the centuries?  You're willing to take your chances that there is something else out there that has a better result than this?  You have got to be kidding?  How in the world can anyone in their right mind choose not to accept such a deal?  God takes all your sinfulness, (sinfulness is what we do to God and breaks relationship with Him) and removes all of it, every bad thing you ever thought, did, or are going to do, and gives you a free pass.  This free pass entitles you to enter into an everlasting paradise with God, with nothing owed, nothing down, and all you have to do is accept His plan. This is a no brainer, a slam dunk, how is it that so many people reject this deal?  Can't they think for themselves?  Can't they see that this kind of deal is insane to pass up?

It is my belief that we let others do our thinking for us, and because others of influence in our lives have concluded that the Good Friday plan is not for them, they have influenced people like you not to accept it. This is plainly in my opinion, INSANE.  

Happy Resurrection day, ........keep it honest and truthful.....K


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Beautiful Larry!!!Amen!!!

April 22, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterRon Sawtell

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