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The Lesser of Two Evils?

I have to laugh every time I see a drug commercial on TV.  It's so insane that I am wondering why the public doesn't complain more..  They claim their drug will help manage the condition you're experiencing, and once they sell you on the idea that they are the wonder drug of the year, they tell you in a disclaimer of all the side affects you may experience if you take this drug. Now what kind of medical sense is that?  It is like a friend of mine who ran two miles a day, one mile out, and one mile back home.  So one day I ran with him, and one mile out, he stops, so I am thinking its time to turn around and head back home.  Nope.  It was time for a smoke. Out came the cigarettes, and he puffed away for about five minutes or so, and then asked me if I was ready to run back home.  I asked him, why are you running, if you continue to smoke? His rely stunned me.  He said: "well just think how bad off I would be if I didn't run at all." 

Does it really matter what the side affects may be if you have the right drug for your problem? Personally I think it does matter, because side affects can be dangerous.  It just dosen't make sense that the FDA would approve these drugs if the side affects are so numerous and dangerous, but it is the lesser of the two evils.  Society lives with the lesser of all kinds of two evils. Sell alcohol, and put up with drunk driving.  Labor needs cheaper prices so you look the other way on illegal immigrants.  The Church wants to be popular so it stops being honest about truth. The list goes on and on about what we put up with in order to archive a goal or desire. Standards have been lowered in almost every area of life, and it's because we have no sense of what is right or wrong anymore. Standards are based upon a conviction of belief and the only conviction society runs on these days, is what's in it for me. I need to get my needs meet, regardless of what it will cost me. I reminder in our neighborhood there were two old guys who would go out for walks together and talk.  As they talked they picked up the trash they would find along the street.  They were getting exercise and at the same time doing the community a service.  Both have dead in recent years and our streets are a little more littered, but that self less service to the community has also dead with them.  

Standards are not what they used to be, and there are  no signs they will return. We are lessor as a people as a result, because we put up with standards less than excellent. When you apply my comments today to the church, you have standards of truth that are less than, and as a result you have disciples who are far from understanding the mandates of the gospel.  It's no longer coming to the cross and surrendering your life, it's going to a worship service to get your needs met.  There are many correlations between the church and the drug ads, all with side affects for lowering the standards of excellence. 

Keeping it honest and truthful...K

Matthew 6:32-33

 32For the Gentiles seek after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them all.  33But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.



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