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Making Peace To Conquer

Matthew 7:15 "Beware of false prophets who come disguised as harmless sheep but are really vicious wolves."

I heard a pastor the other day say the following statement when describing Islam: "This is Islam, make peace with your enemy and then destroy them." 

This statement is from a pastor from Hawaii who is Arab by nationality, but a Christian by choice. He of course was referring to how Islam works as it conquers a land.  I think Europe is feeling this threat more than any other Western nations.  It is true there will always be culture clashes within a country when you have more than one culture interacting with another. However, it becomes more sinister if the pastor is correct and Islam appears to make peace simply to deceive the West into submission. Our great enemy Satan often uses this tactic, as he gets people to trust in a lie only to use that lie to capture his victims. His tactic is to appear to be an angel of light, or in other words, he appears to be something he is not in order to fool the people with his deception. The Antichrist in the Book of Revelation will use this tactic as he fools Israel into believing he has their best interest at heart when he negotiates a 3 ½ year peace agreement with them. As a result he gains their confidence only to show himself for what he really is following this honeymoon time of the 3-½ years.

The tactic is simple: prove to be trustworthy, peace loving, and amiable. Once trust is established you can easily begin to take advantage and conquer an unsuspecting person or people.  As an example:

In her new book, The Force of Reason, famed Italian journalist Oriana Fallaci claims that Christianity’s ancient stronghold on the European continent is rapidly giving way to the ambitious and assertive religion of Islam.

Analysts estimate that in Britain, for example, Islamic mosques host more worshippers each week than the Church of England! Filling the void of traditional Christianity is a robust, energetic and youthful movement afoot in Europe. If this continues at the present rate, cathedrals will appear as vestiges of a civilization of times past. The great national cultures of Italians, French, Germans and others may be replaced by a new transnational Muslim identity.

This is happening in Europe because the Church is weak and has lost its soul to culture. Christianity in Europe has been hollowed out for generations and there is no resistance to the cultural strength of Islam. America is not far behind Europe. America still has communities where the Church is thriving and strong, but as a nation we have begun that same process of gutting out our Christian traditions and heritage. To give in to the cultural demands that we can’t have Christmas speech or Christian displays around the holiday season is a clear message being sent to America: Be careful what you destroy, because in its place will come a force that will destroy your community. You can say what you want, but Islam is no friend to any country and Islam will take advantage of anyone who is not aware of the danger that lies within Muslim objectives.

Now, there needs to be a transition in my comments. God still loves Muslims and is in pursuit of them all over the world. We cannot ignore this fact and we need to have a heart that pursues the things God does. If he is pursuing the Muslim population, then so should we. I am not sure how we walk that fine line between pursuing Muslims in the name of Christ, yet knowing just how dangerous Islam can be. This may be harder than most of us want to admit. Yet God specializes in the impossible and therefore we need to trust that He will give us the wisdom to deal with the difficult. I have deep resentments against Islam because of what it teaches, and because what it has done to others. Islam is deceptive, yet I cannot allow my resentments to rule my heart against the people who are held captive by this religion.

At the end of the day, the people of Islam need a Savior. He is the only one who can help us to be sensitive to this great need and be cautious about who we trust.

Keeping it honest and truthful…K


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