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What is Equality?

Equality means:

The state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities.

I recently was engaged in a conversation about equality with someone who thought that all things should be equal. This person is at least 60 years of age, and probably is closer to 70, since I am a poor judge of age. She said, “What we want in society is equality, fairness and a level playing field.”  It sounded to me like a play from the liberal playbook on how to redesign society.

  1. First of all there is no equality. God created each person different and with varying degrees of competency and in his eyes we are all equal in creation, but in ability there is a huge disparity.
  2. I have played basketball, but there is no comparison between my play, and say, the ability of Michael Jordan. There is no equality in the ability to play the game. 

The concept of equality is a great philosophical construct but the reality of this world does not and will not make it happen. Even in governmental systems such as socialism or communism where the state makes everyone equal there is disparity of those who run the state. (Vladimir Putin is worth 40 Billion dollars in a communist run country.)

This is why equality is a misunderstood concept in the world of political correctness. The Bible teaches that some will produce 100%, others will produce 60%, and still others 30%, but at the end of the day we all produce, but at difference levels. That is just the way God has created us, so when we talk equality, we better know that there is a difference in productivity. If I produce 100% should I be paid at the same rate as someone who produces at 60% or 30%?  So equality has to be defined in a different way. It can never be one size fits all, there are differences and those differences mean we are not equal. We are also not equal is status either. There are political figures that no matter what they do are never held to the standard of the law like the rest of us. Their rights far exceed the rights of normal citizenship. There is no equality in this world, there never has been and never will be until Jesus comes back and takes control of this world. Stop kidding yourself; there is no equality, so stop trying to pretend there is. The devil is a usurper of equality and wanted the same rights God had and rebelled against God to get it. He has been inciting rebellion every since, telling lies about what equality is and pitting people against each other in order to create tension between genders, races, ages, and nationalities. 

All humans are equal in God’s eyes, no matter the deformities, where they are born, or where they come from. They can be poor or rich, white or black, ugly or pretty, Republican or Democrat, Christian or Muslim, God has made people all equal in the way He loves us. In His eyes we have equality, but because we live in a fallen world we will suffer the inequities of sin, prejudice, privilege and preference. As bad as that may sound it is a reality. The greed to control, get wealthy and make the rules is in the heart of mankind and it knows no boundaries.  That is why Jeremiah said the heart is beyond cure.

Jeremiah 17:9 “The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?”

Only God can change the heart, and when it is changed, then we can see the world through eyes of equality. We do need to try to undo the injustice we see in our world and nothing should stop us from trying. The Church for centuries has been the moral voice of justice and standing up for the marginalized and forgotten. Remember we have an unjust, immoral and inequitable world because of our sinful nature. It is the sinfulness of mankind that is the reason there will never be equality among people until Jesus returns. Our sin won’t let equality happen because there is too much to be gained by controlling the outcomes.

Sorry folks, no happy ending here until the trumpet blows, and Jesus’ feet hit the Mount of Olives. However, our job is not to give in to sin, but live above it in His Name. Until then go and become a moral and just voice wherever you can.

It is better to a little than nothing at all.

Keeping it honest and truthful……K

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