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When People Forget God

As we all know another shooting and another 26 people are dead because someone had some emotional issues with a former family member. President Trump said it correctly; it is an evil and mental illness that is creating these mass shootings. It is not the guns, because evil people will find illegal guns, will find bombs or cars or whatever can be used to kill innocent people. Immediately the politicians want us to be sidetracked onto an issue that is not going to solve the problem with mass shootings because the issue is deeper and wider than guns. What you won’t hear anywhere is the real reason we have had the collateral damage of innocent bystanders losing their lives. According to CBS news: Since the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando 17 months ago, there have been 555 mass shootings as the FBI defines them: four or more people shot at once. Approximately 689 people have been killed, and nearly 2,700 wounded. 

When a nation forgets God, God forgets that nation and it becomes subject to the curses described in Deuteronomy 28.

This is the real reason America is experiencing these mass shootings, and it is just a matter of time before one of these mass shootings will show up in one our neighborhoods.

Let’s look at a summary of some of the obvious curses that will result as people abandon God: 


  • Food supply
  • Madness
  • Mental confusion
  • Blindness
  • Defeated before our enemies
  • Sickness that is not curable
  • Foreign residents will rise above you
  • Family distress 


Some may say this is only directed towards Israel because she had a covenant with God. That is the first application for these verses, but a nation that once knew the truth of the scriptures as America did, will also be subjected to the same ramifications of a nation who forgets God.

You may not like to admit any of this, but what is happening to innocent people in our day is a sign, a sign we are neglecting to acknowledge. Something is wrong, we all know it, but we are looking to the wrong solutions for our answers. Pastor and writer Tom Parrish has some further thoughts on this.

Within an hour of the shooting several Democrats were on TV calling for more stringent gun control when in fact Kelly had been denied a legal gun permit several times by the local Sheriff’s office. Mental health officials said that someone should have recognized Kelly’s anti-social behavior and intervened. As a pastor for forty years, having worked with many troubled and dangerous people, I have discovered that “what we should have done, or what we did do” is always the Monday morning quarterback. It is extremely hard to determine the inner hostility, evil and wickedness of another person prior to such a horrible act. Still others were speculating on his mental health as though Kelly was a victim of his own dysfunctional brain. On and on and on we go, where this will stop, nobody knows!


The secular left, science, too many in the medical community, politicians and even some pastors have dismissed the Lordship of Jesus Christ and pushed him with mockery and derision to the sidelines. Why do we believe we can do that and still have a civil society? Have we forgotten what the Word of God makes a promise in Deuteronomy 28:15-25? In these verses are the warnings to Israel and warnings to us today. When our leaders and we reject the one true God and seek to be god ourselves, we bring down curses and wrath from heaven.

Pastor Tom is right, let’s get real with what is going on in America. Stop all the baloney about guns and get down to the issue of America’s abandonment of God. This violence is a spiritual problem so why can’t we have that discussion? The reason for this is simple: “ if it is defined as a spiritual problem, then the solution to it is also spiritual.” If we leave it to being a societal problem, then it is the government’s job to control it. It is much easier then to legislate laws than it is to pray to God and have Him change me.

And by the way, I recently went by a church in my neighborhood where a sign by their front entrance read: All Guns Banned Here!

I think these people need to rethink that idea in light of Sutherland Springs Texas. I will not attend a church unless I know they have security, or at least allow me to carry my permitted gun. 

Keeping it honest and truthful….K





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