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The Church

I have often been asked the question what is the Church?  There are many different aspects of the church so it might be hard for some people to define it. I like to define it by what it does. For example:

  1. The Church is a moral voice in society. The Church may not have much of an influence in culture in our present day, but its voice should be loud and consistent on morality.
  2. The Church is to speak for the marginalized and disadvantaged, because these are the folks that get overlooked and ignored.
  3. The Church is the bearer of the good news of the gospel. It is the one place on earth where we are convicted about sin, and are convinced that the mercy of God’s grace in Jesus Christ is the answer to all sinfulness.
  4. The Church teaches about the hope for the future on earth with God in control, and His government will last forever.
  5. The Church is a place of acceptance for all people and in that acceptance comes the message of truth. The Church accepts all people, but does not deny them the reality of God’s truth, the Bible.
  6. The Church is a place of forgiveness and restores people to the dignity of being made in God’s image.
  7. The Church is a place of reconciliation where people of differences can find peace and accept one another in love.

To me this is the definition of the Church.

Going to church or being the Church are two entirely different things. If going to church means that we are to learn how become the Church as indicated above, then going to church is a good thing.  Going to church because our tradition has us doing so but we don’t know why, then it’s time to come back to understanding what the Church really is all about.

There are two really good definitions of the word church:

1. The Church is having faith in Jesus Christ and you are a part of His body.

2. The church is a local assembly of believers whose meeting is religious in nature but may or may not adhere to anything Biblical.  

You may have your own ideas about what the Church is, but I hope you will give mine some thought.

Keeping it honest and truthful….K 

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