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How Do You Outline The Bible?

There are all kinds of outlines that can help you organize how the Bible is put together. Some outlines are designed with great detail while the simplest designed are the two Testaments, Old and New. However, when you think about outlining the Bible for understanding, here is another example:

God’s Story: all of the Old Testaments and the gospels.

God’s Expectations: Acts and Epistles

God’s Future: The Book of Revelation

God’s Story (Genesis through the Gospels)

The Bible is about God’s story, the origin of how God created the earth and selected a people to be His messengers. God chose Abraham and his descendents to bring His story into focus for all people.

This section of the Bible focuses on the origins of Israel and their struggles from slavery in Egypt to the freedom of their own land. This is a story of preservation. God preserved His people for the legacy of the Messiah. The gospel stories continue this preservation with a person named Jesus. He preserved mankind through His sacrifice on the cross, and gave all humans a chance to know God and live forever with Him. The Messiah was the fulfillment of God’s story from the inception of creation to the story of the gospels.  

God’s Expectation (Acts through the Epistles)

God’s Expectations shifts to how we should live in our families and in our communities. This section of the Bible tells us how to live for God and how to live for each other. It brings into focus how God interacts with us through His Spirit, and how that Spirit teaches us about sin, the righteousness of God, and judgment. This section is about how we live out faith and trust God for how we make Him known. It is about how a transformed person changes behavior that honors God first.

God’s Future  (Book of Revelation)

This is how God brings life on earth, as we know it, to a conclusion. The Messiah/Savior now becomes the judge and participates in bring judgment to the unbelieving. The conclusion to this section is the beginning of something new for all eternity. The Messiah/Savior will rule on earth and ultimately usher in the new Heavens and the new Earth. We learn how God has always been in control, but now He demonstrates it in person from Jerusalem.

You can see how easy it is to understand how God’s story in the Bible can be divided into these simple categories that outline how to understand the Bible. I don’t divide the Old and the New Testaments the way most people think of it, because it’s all one story. This outline I shared with you today illustrates that there is no divide between the testaments because they belong together. The Bible is one story from beginning to end.

Keeping it honest and truthful….K









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