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The Left is as evil as Hell Itself

I have been reading Brigitte Gabriel’s new book called “Arise, In Defense of Judeo-Christian Values and Freedom,” and it underscores the title of this blog. 

Brigitte is an Arab Christian American who immigrated to this country in the late 80’s from Lebanon and is the founder of a grassroots organization called, “Act for America”.  The book is worth the time to read. 

I am convinced that any left leaning politician, organization, political party, church, or civil organization that perpetuates the ideology of supporting tolerance for violence against people who disagree with you, support tolerance for Islamic Sharia law in America, and defend policies that weaken our Judeo-Christian value system is not acting on behalf of the American people. The left should have a new tag line (Jesus used it first, but I don’t think He would mind if we used it here).

“We have come to rob, steal and destroy.”  Of course Jesus used it to describe Satan, the archenemy of the human race, but the left continually takes a page from his playbook to ruin our society. 

The left from Washington to Hollywood and everywhere in between want to reshape America. From the Newsroom to the classroom, America is under assault being fed lies that are steering people to believe that America is racist, homophobic, and Islamophobic; all in the interest of tolerating all people, all ideas, and all worldviews. All ideas are equal, all cultures are equal, and all values are equal. There is no longer room for distinction, objections, and religious values that resist current trends of thought. 

Biblical Christianity, (note: different than American Christianity) is distinctive, it does object to the immoral support for any lifestyle practice that the Bible condemns, and Biblical Christianity has values based upon God’s laws and principles. 

The left wants total control of our thinking. They want no definition on moral behavior and they want freedom to express consent on whatever is justifiable by the majority. What they want more than anything else is influence. They want to influence people to tolerate at all times, for all reasons, and resist any movement of thought that may resist their objectives. This, by the way, is not the freedom our forefathers set up in this great land of ours. This was the kind of thinking they were fleeing from Europe and beyond. 

Just a note to the liberal mind! 

There is one equalizer that will come in life that will make you uncomfortable and ultimately prove your ideology wrong. It is called “death.”

Once you die the Bible says there comes the judgment. That judgment will be done by the very God whom you have ignored, swore at, cursed His values and principles, and hated His Son whose name you used as a curse word. 

God will ask you how your ideology served Him? How did it help make His Kingdom known and how did it promote love, forgiveness, and healing to the scores of humanity that you touched? He will look at every word you printed, gave in a speech, or interviews you did where you stated hatred for Donald Trump or his associates in government. But the most important element of His judgment inquiry will be about Jesus Christ. 

God will ask you about Jesus and His cross and how did your liberal philosophy include Him in your platform of best practices for living? (Conservatives will have this same interview by the way, no one escapes this time with God, all people face Him)

God matters most at the time of death. I have mentioned that liberal philosophy is from hell - not for political reasons, but for moral and spiritual ones. The left leaning thinking is not godly thinking and it will have its day before a Holy God who will bring it into judgment. I chose liberals because their god is their agenda to change America, to make philosophical slaves who will serve their best interests in robbing, stealing, and destroying God’s best for us. 

Remember, everything we think, speak and act will be held accountable before God. Perhaps all of us could take some time today and ask God for forgiveness, and ask for His help in leading our lives, and recommit ourselves to making Jesus the main focus in all we think and do. 

This makes sense to me, and it is the best advice you will ever receive. 

Keeping it honest and truthful…K 

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