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When Sin is Benign

A Colorado pastor, Reverend Nadia Bolz-Weber of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) says “Consumption of pornography should not be shamed.”

“I refuse to pick the low-hanging ‘Moral Outrage Fruit’ of Liberals and Conservatives about porn,” said the tattooed pastor. “Now, there are issues of justice and exploitation within the porn industry, no question, but it doesn’t mean consumption of pornography should be shamed.”

“I’m not going to shame people when they already feel ashamed,” declared Bolz-Weber, who claims, “If we took shame out of the fact that people like to view erotic imagery, the compulsive behavior around consuming pornography would decrease.” 

She insists that the teachings of the church are the problem. 

“If the teachings of the church are harming people, then we need to rethink those teachings.”

In one respect this pastor knows how pervasive the pornography problem is among Christians. It has been reported that 47% of Christians said that pornography is a problem in their home. No wonder she wants to think differently about it. However, because it isa problem I don’t believe you feedthe problem with more of the same influence. 

I find history to be a great teacher of lessons that need to be learned.

1. One of the first lessons we learn from history comes from the Roman Empire.

Nothing happens in a vacuum and Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it took about 1000 years for it to be destroyed. The lesson here is that the empire was destroyed from within, one moral bite at a time. Bad moral and economic decisions lead to the erosion of any society.

Our problems in society didn’t happen overnight, they started by society slowly accepting immorality as the norm. 

2.Another lesson from history comes from World War II: You never surrender to an aggressor.

In 1938, the Munich Agreement allowed Hitler to annex part of Czechoslovakia. Signed by France, the United Kingdom, Italy and Germany, the settlement was a response to Hitler’s desire to annex this land no matter what the consequences.  -Didier Bert

You can never negotiate with evil/immorality it will only take you further in a direction you ultimately don’t want to go

3. A third lesson comes from the Great Depression: 

President Herbert Hoover had been a successful engineer. Hoover believed in business, not government, so when the stock market crashed in 1929 he felt that it was not the government's job to restore the economy. His government did little and the result was the Great Depression.

The greatest tragedy in any era is when good men and women choose to do nothing. Immorality without restraint will destroy a nation.

There is also a historical account in the Bible where God explains why Israel failed with God. It primarily had to do with associating with the wrong influences. 2 Kings 17:7-12

  • They walked in the customs of nations practicing idol worship
  • They lived secret lives and abandoned God’s commandments
  • They compromised/mingled the worship of God with the worship of other gods

Remember pornography is sensuality on steroids and it feeds an appetite that becomes insatiable. Many good people have succumbed to its influence and it has become a secret addiction. Just look at the numbers from WebRoot Cybersecurity:

Every Second:

  • 28,258 users are watching pornography on the internet.
  • $3,075.64 is being spent on pornography on the internet.
  • 372 people are typing the word "adult" into a search engine.

Every Day:

  • 37 pornographic videos are created in the United States.
  • 2.5 billion emails containing porn are sent or received.
  • 68 million search queries related to pornography (25% of total internet searches) are generated. 
  • 116,000 queries related to child pornography are received.


How Online Pornography Affects Americans

  • About 200,000 Americans are classified as “porn addicts.”
  • 40 million American people regularly visit porn sites.
  • 35% of all internet downloads are related to pornography.
  • 34% of internet users have experienced unwanted exposure to pornographic content through ads, pop up ads, misdirected links or emails.
  • One-third of porn viewers are women.

Pornography is dangerous and highly addictive. It has also been reported that 50% of pastors and 70% of men view pornography regularly. Households who view pornography are 300% more likely to have an affair.

I would say the following to this pastor who says pornography should not be shamed: The lessons of history have taught us that you can’t compromise with evil, you can’t surrender to evil and you can’t be neutral toward evil. 
never compromises with sin. Sin is never benign it is always cancerous and when we tell people that evil or sinful behavior is benign we cease to have a Christian message.  

Here is a helpful website that puts pornography into the category of a drug, and like a drug addiction it must have a plan to escape:


Keeping it honest and truthful…K


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