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The Myth of Small Amounts

Galatians 5:9 “This false teaching is like a little yeast that spreads through the whole batch of dough!”

We have heard it said that small amounts of anything in moderation would not hurt you. We minimize little white lies because we justify that they won’t hurt anyone. We all justify a small lie, a small theft, or a small indulgence of being morally inappropriate because small doses of anything are permissible.

I remember as a teenager we smoked small doses of marijuana, never thinking that it could lead to harder drugs, but it did.  Just dabbling in small sins doesn’t seem to be a big deal to some people but anything unholy - regardless of size - is an invitation to do more. Even with religion,Jesus warned that religious leaders could have a bad influence on others and lead people astray. 

Matthew 16:6

And Jesus said to them, "Watch out and beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees."

These religious leaders were using the Hebrew Bible, what we call the Old Testament, as their foundation for teaching others about God. So how could you go wrong using the scriptures as your platform? Well first of all it started by adding small portions of commentaries (Talmud)to their teachings and these rabbiniccommentaries changedthe understanding of the scriptures. 

This is no different today when we use theology passed down to us from early Church Fathers and the Theologians from the 16thand 17thcenturies. They too embroidered their philosophies into Christianity making belief and practice more sectarian after Religious Orders and Denominations. 

Small portions of religious opinion become large sects of followers who believe themselves to be the next chosen people of God. 

I want to caution you not to overlook small portions of anything especially if it has an influencing value.  

In my lifetime I have seen small portions of deception turn into major movements of delusion. 

  • A little dose of the message of positive confession turned into a prosperity gospel, which made God beholden to our demands. God is not understood through pain, suffering, or through the struggle for survival. He is only the God of abundance and serving Him makes us as prosperous as He is. 
  • A little dose of the message of social justice turned into a replacement for the message of the cross, sin, and salvation. Repurposing the reason for Christ’s sacrifice with the compassion for the plight of the poor has overtaken modern ministry. 
  • A little dose of the message about church growth has turned the gospel into an entertainment enterprise with a goal of making everyone comfortable. Truth is trumped by growing bigger and brighter ministries.
  • A little dose of the message that love tolerates and accepts everyone has turned into a motto for suggesting God is love without judgment and without truth.  We no longer understand God as a judge, He has become only a positive, loving force in our world and there is no judgment in Him.
  • A little dose of the message to be heavenly minded we will be of no earthly good has made us ignore the second coming of Jesus and have placed prophecy on the back shelf of the theological library. We know God today through our cognitive ability to explain Him in terms of what He does for us today. 

There are many more of these that could be pointed out, but you get the idea. I am convinced that all deception starts with just a little twisted truth that takes root in some pulpit somewhere and is positioned as a new revelation. 

So I hope you can see why there is a myth about small things. Those small insignificant concepts that we think are no big deal canand doend up suggesting lies into the body of Christ that draw us away from Him, and toward the deception idea. 

Watch out for those small insignificant things that get added in because in the end they will matter. 

Keeping it honest and truthful…K 

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