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Are We Afraid of the Truth?

I love the Prophet Jeremiah because he is a no-nonsense guy. Straight shooter, no dancing around the issues, just plain facts, no spin, and no compromise. 

This is my kind of preacher!

Here is what he says in Jeremiah 1:10

See, today I appoint you over nations and kingdoms to uproot and tear down, to destroy and overthrow, to build and to plant.”

The world is our congregation - all nations, all kingdoms, wherever they are, whatever they believe - they are the congregation of people in need of ministry. 

The next few words define what ministry is to be about. No compromise, no fear, and very clear. 

  • Uproot: There needs to be a clear message of what is presentable behavior before the Lord and what it is not. This is not based upon opinion or denominational doctrine; it comes from the Word of the Lord, period! It means that we get rid of things in our lives that compromise God in our lives. It means that we plan for a life that makes Jesus first in mind, heart, and soul.  
  • Tear Down: Meaning whatever makes a bid for the worship in our lives, we tear it down. In our world of many idols that control the temptations in our lives, we destroy its influence. We don’t let the world set the pace for what is important to us that is set by God Himself. This means we identify the idols in our lives that control us, and then we destroy or tear them down.
  • Destroy: Destroy the thoughts and concepts that influence our minds to think or act like the masses. Why do we have to have groupthink on everything? It cheapens the creativity and the uniqueness of how He has created us. Groupthink is a way for the world to make people “one size fits all”. That is not how God designed us. 
  • Overthrow: This means that you overthrow the temptation of the kingdoms of this world that want to make you important, influential, visible, and powerful, and choose a life that strives to make others more important. Overthrow the desire to be honored by others for the success in your life or the concepts of influence you present. God is the only one worthy of any of those things.
  • Build: We are all called to build something that brings God into the picture as a prominent focus. This may be an organization that calls attention to the eternal questions of what life is all about and how those questions can be answered. It may be feeding the unfortunate, the destitute, or it may mean being a leader whose influence centers on the goodness of God experienced in everyday life.
  • Plant: Planting are seeds of thought, ideas, and examples that create a potential of reaching a new generation; a new crop of leaders who need to be directed in a way that brings an eternal perspective into play and into an everyday routine. Planting those words of wisdom, encouragement, and vision that help young minds and hearts aspire to be everything God wants them to become. These seeds may not appear to be great until they take root and you see the results in a fully devoted follower of Christ.

    Ministry is messy, and it is confrontational. It is not passive, nor is it ever afraid to speak the truth of God. It does not compromise, nor does it evade the issue. It has a clear objective to speak God’s Word to a world that is dying for the lack of it.
    Jeremiah helps us define the concept of ministry with the objectives God has set forth to becoming the first and most important part of our lives. Nothing should ever be a part of our lives that challenges Him as our God. 

Keeping it honest and truthful…K

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