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Justice is God’s Requirement for Leadership

Justice: the quality of being fair and reasonable

“He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you

but to do justice, and to love kindness and to walk humbly with your God?” –Micah 6:8

Justice is a big emphasis today especially among the young and impressionable. The educational system has been pushing justice for a long time citing capitalism as one of the biggest offenders of justice. Racism is an injustice, along with the injustice of opposing people’s freedoms such as gender neutrality or being transgender. Justice is also a big issue with God. Much of the Hebrew Bible, or Old Testament, is about justice - especially for leaders. Their role was to insure that justice was administered among the people, and even as Micah states above, it is required of us to do justice.

There are two parts of justice as I see it:

  1. Justice from God
  2. Justice for others

Let’s start with the justice from God. God’s justice starts with His laws and commandments. His laws were handed down to us so that there would be a fair and equitable system by which we can live together in peace. God’s Word teaches us justice as sinners. First, there was the justice of the sacrifices under the law, and then there was the justice of the cross when Jesus came. God’s justice is His offer of removing our sins by the forgiveness in His heart. In addition, His judgment is justice when He will judge the world according to the kind of lives we have lived, and by our acceptance or rejection of His Son Jesus Christ. God’s justice is always about redemption and judgment. His justice always starts with redemption, because He wants no one to perish. Justice, however, also includes judgment, which is the consequence of rejecting Him.

God will judge those who use His name inappropriately. The dishonesty of the godly is often not much different than the dishonesty of the ungodly. They use God as a means to line their pockets with money. There is no justice coming from the religious world if their behavior is no different than those who do not proclaim to know God.

You rulers make decisions based on bribes; you priests teach God's laws only for a price; you prophets won't prophesy unless you are paid. Yet all of you claim to depend on the LORD. "No harm can come to us," you say, "for the LORD is here among us."   -Micah 3:11

Justice for others is about doing what is right for everyone - not just for your race, your denomination, your fraternity, your church, your ministry, or your country club. We can become so concerned about our own kind that we forget that justice is for all people. It is what God repeatedly used the prophets to remind the nation of Israel about justice, and their lack of it in serving God. The prophet Isaiah wrote that the nation needed to:


  •  Wash itself of evil
  •  Remove all evil from God’s sight
  •  Cease to do evil
  •  Learn to do good
  •  Seek justice
  •  Defend the orphan
  •  Plead for the widow

Justice is doing what is right, both in removing evil from your midst and defending the weak.

Zion will be restored by justice; those who repent will be revived by righteousness.   –Isaiah 1:27

Leadership is more than principles on how to lead people; leadership is about leading people in justice. Laying out what is right before the Lord, and then executing on it, that is justice.

Keeping it honest and truthful…K

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