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When Government Wastes Your Tax Dollars

There are many places the government wastes your money, but one of the biggest is when a special prosecutor is appointed and they come up with nothing substantial after a year of investigating. It was reported in December 2017 that this investigation cost the American taxpayers almost $7 million, and that was two months ago.

Newsweek reported that in the 1990s, former federal prosecutor Ken Starr took six years and spent more than $70 million looking into former President Bill Clinton and first lady Hillary Clinton’s real estate holdings in Whitewater and other dealings.

To me anything Washington does in their investigations really amounts to nothing more than keeping legislators busy and spending the American taxpayers’ money.

Think of all the investigations during the Obama administration - from IRS Lois Learner to the Benghazi attack, to the Clinton e-mail scandal – all these investigations have done little to bring justice to the allegations of corruption and collusion.

Now we have indictments against 13 Russians who will never be brought to trial because there is no reciprocity in getting those Russians to a US courtroom.

So what’s the point? Once again the emphasis is placed on the wrong source and they are chasing rabbit trails that lead nowhere, while the real criminals are exonerated by our press and our law enforcement agencies. What this means that powerful people are above the law, and the truth is never known, so justice is never served. There, I said it. Simple diagnoses of our political special investigations and the process of bilking the American public out of millions of dollars of squandered money.

End of story.

Oh, there is more misplaced emphasis again brewing in the news. It’s now high school students who will be marching in a national walkout sometime this spring. I understand and sympathize with their cause, but their emphasis is on guns and not the individuals who are mentally deranged. Let’s just say we ban all guns from being sold in the United States. Will that solve the mass shootings? Well you would have to confiscate all the guns that are now in circulation and that would only mean you will create a lucrative black market for guns. But in a perfect world, let’s just say all guns can no longer be sold, and all guns are confiscated from the public, then would schools be safe? 

The answer is NO. The next school threat will come from bombs or box cutters or chemical warfare; it simply will not stop people who are intent on doing harm to others.

This is how evil works; it finds whatever is accessible to successfully destroy people. Again it will be another wasted time of legislation that will take a lot of time and debate and millions of dollars and nothing will change.

So does that mean we do nothing?  No, we could protect our schools with a presence of military and ex-military personnel or retired police officers that will be in charge of security at each school in America. If that becomes too expensive, then we train teachers in each school to carry weapons and train them to address any immediate threat to that school. The one thing most of these shooters know is that all schools and most public venues are vulnerable to mass attacks because most Americans do not carry guns to protect themselves.  If mass shooters knew that there would be returned fire immediately upon his firing a gun, it would be a deterrent against the attack.

Eccles 8:11 “When a sentence against a crime isn’t carried out quickly, people are encouraged to commit crimes.”

I know there is debate whether gun carrying states are safer than those states with no carry laws, yet I say I would rather be armed and prepared, than have to run for my life and hope I don’t get shot.

Again, the emphasis in the gun debate is going in the wrong direction. We need more help to protect the public against people who are mentally unstable. This kid who did the shooting in Florida revealed he was not well, and that he would be a threat someday to people around him. The authorities chose not to follow up on him, and I would agree that people who show such signs should not be permitted to own a legal firearm. This, of course, means that illegal firearms could still be a course of action at any time.

My point today is not even the issues I raised, but how we are steered to the wrong emphasis and the wrong conclusions. I would suspect that if you have no spiritual emphasis in your life, you naturally gravitate to the wrong conclusions. God knows what is at the core of these shootings, and so do people who study His Word. No one who is Biblically minded is fooled by these wrong conclusions, we are told evil will wax worse and worse.

2 Timothy 3:13 “while evildoers and impostors will go from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived.”

The emphasis of non-Christians will no doubt continue to legislate some kind of law that will do nothing to stop the killing. The right emphasis would be to pray and ask God to protect our children against such evil. Churches could start new prayer ministries intended to pray over the schools in their communities asking God to protect the schools. It is ironic that God was kicked out of the schools so many years ago, and today He is the one that they need to protect them.

By the way here is the way governement should react to the gun crisis in America. Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin, has the right solution.

Keeping it honest and truthful...K


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