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The Silencing of our Freedoms

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee had this posted recently in his newsletter.

“Chike Uzuegbunam, a student on Georgia Gwinnett College, wanted to share the good news of Jesus with others at his school, but he was prohibited from doing so outside the campus library because it wasn’t a “free speech” zone.

And the next time Chike spoke, standing in a free-speech zone with an approved free-speech permit in hand, campus police silenced his speech because they deemed the information he shared as “disorderly conduct” because it “disturbed the comfort” of listeners.   

In other words, this public college, receiving taxpayer funds, simply didn’t like Chike’s speech so they silenced it. It is frightening to see this taking place on a campus in America.”

I saw a post on Facebook by someone who videoed a high school student holding up a sign that read, “People Kill People, Guns Don’t Kill Anyone!”

He held this sign up in protest to the high school students getting out of school to march for stricter gun laws. He was asked to leave and was escorted off school property by a teacher.

The liberal left has no tolerance for a differing point of view. I think that needs to sink in because if you don’t set your standards in defense of your freedoms, you will lose them in the next generation.

I had a reality check during an interview session I had with a local pastor today. He was about to relay a story where a child was getting a spanking and suddenly stopped and said, “I can’t say that, this is punishable by state law.” (our parents and grandparents would be stunned) Suddenly it dawned on all of us in the studio that we have fewer and fewer freedoms from how we raise our kids to what kind of guns we choose to buy. If you are a Christian and think you will have freedom to share your faith, think again. Your brand of Christianity is perceived in the mind of many in our country today as a hate religion, and it will only intensify as we lose more of our religious freedoms.

The culture is anti-Christian and it will not soften its impression of us. It hates what we preach, and it is determined to legislate against us as often as it can gain control of legislative bodies. That is a fact!

 Here is my 3 point gripe:


  1. It is against pulpits that are so naïve as to think we can be nice to the enemy and persuade the culture to like us. Dumb, stupid and clueless. Sorry I am so blunt but we do not live in a day where we can dance around the issue. We need to spend more time in the scriptures and then we might end up with a perspective that zeroes in on the problem. Our goal is to be citizens of God’s culture, and what we will discover by actually reading God’s Word is that He does not endorse anything our culture promotes…I hope that sinks in. 
  2. I am so disappointed in Christian media outlets that think we can persuade people to pursue Christ by our culturally hip music and our attitude that we don’t offend anyone with our message. I am sorry, that is a cop out and a message of compromise. The media leadership should take a course in Jeremiah 101. Let’s bring back the prophet who does not minister to the crowd with a motivation that it will bring a good income if I become popular. I hate to tell you, but the prophet is never popular and never rich.  They certainly didn’t beg for 65 million dollars to buy a jet to travel around in to preach the gospel. It’s shameful and deceptive. 
  3. I am disappointed that we spend much of our group Bible study time chewing on appetizers instead of digesting meat. Is God’s Word meant to be studied to simply know how to be more knowledgeable or is it meant to know how it can be applied so we can be an influence in a world that hates God? If you don’t think the tide in our world has shifted to atheism, or liberal socialism, or group think processes, you are naïve and need to wake up. Our nice guy attitudes are naïve and foolish, and the world laughs at our practices and our worldview. Why? It is simple - we are not a threat to the culture and it’s agenda of becoming more anti-Christ like. 


You may disagree with me or think I am off the rails, and to me it doesn’t matter. I have nothing to gain from what I say because I not serving any entity that I have to please other than God. All I ask is you that take what I have to say, apply it to scripture, and pray that God would show you the truth. Is that fair? 

Keeping it honest and truthful…K




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