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Borderless Countries

The Atlantic published a recent article about the advantages of countries eliminating borders. The author suggested the following:

The argument for open borders is both economic and moral. All people should be free to move about the earth, uncaged by the arbitrary lines known as borders. Variations in wealth and income created by these differences are magnified by governments that suppress entrepreneurship and promote religious intolerance, gender discrimination, or other bigotry. Closed borders compound these injustices, cementing inequality into place and sentencing their victims to a life of penury. 

If the developed world were to take in enough immigrants to enlarge its labor force by a mere one percent, it is estimated that the additional economic value created would be worth more to the migrants than all of the world’s official foreign aid combined. Immigration is the greatest anti-poverty program ever devised.

Then in conclusion author Alex Tabarrok (a professor of economics at George Mason University) said this: Is there hope for the future? Closed borders are one of the world’s greatest moral failings but the opening of borders is the world’s greatest economic opportunity. The grandest moral revolutions in history—the abolition of slavery, the securing of religious freedom, the recognition of the rights of women—yielded a world in which virtually everyone was better off. They also demonstrated that the fears that had perpetuated these injustices were unfounded. Similarly, a planet unscarred by iron curtains is not only a world of greater equality and justice. It is a world unafraid of itself.

Apparently there are 7 million people who cross the U.S./Mexican border every week and another 5 million that cross back and forth between Canada and the U.S.  How many more are coming into the country every day with legal visas but then disappear into the American culture as that visa expires?

It just doesn’t make sense to have borderless countries. I believe that there are three major reasons that borderless countries are a fantasy:

  1. Safety Issues. Without the screening of immigrants coming into the country, you would have every undesirable person with ideologies that are dangerous to the American way of life. Can you imagine how our enemies would use this free form to penetrate and infiltrate terror into every community in America?
  2. Financial Issues. America would become the depository of millions and millions of people looking for a better opportunity. However, our economy does not have a limitless ability to absorb millions of new workers. Unemployment would skyrocket, and without control of who comes into your country for economic reasons, it would bankrupt our society.
  3. Ideological Disparities. Many people in the world do not share our Western capitalistic society. America has many enemies around the world that would relish the idea of bringing America down. These enemies would not assimilate into our culture and we would become a nation of independent nations within our nation all creating their own culture aside from our American laws and cultural norms.

America, like any other country, has a culture that has been forming for generations, and that is what makes this country unique. Many cultures would not do well with people destroying their traditions and customs due to the mass increase of foreign influence. I can’t imagine a Muslim nation putting up with an influx of Western culture with all of its immoral attributes. And Americans already have problems with Muslim immigrants trying to bring Sharia law to our country.

However, there is some indication that the last days will bring with it a deconstruction of all classifications of sex and ethnicity. No distinction between people groups, no borders, no sexual distinctions, no differences between the gods we worship, making everything one size fits all.

I am not sure we want a world like that, let alone that it could even be possible. All of these ideologies have one common thread that they forget is at the core of man’s nature, that man is innately evil. That is the premise behind what the Bible calls sinfulness and without God, there is no hope for change. The future system of what the Bible calls the lawless one - the anti-Christ - with his 666 number will be the system that will control all of humanity’s buying and selling. There are movements today that are pushing us towards a one world monetary system, and once that is established the borders will have a harder time in maintaining their independence.

The Bible is correct when Jesus said: For there will be greater anguish than at any time since the world began. And it will never be so great again.” -Matthew 24:21

The Church typically is asleep most of the time. That is a fact! We emphasize the here and now, failing to realize that the here and now is slowly creeping toward a world of enslaving mankind. For heaven’s sake, don’t believe me - read the scriptures. Reading Matthew 24 and the warning of Jesus should be enough to convince you of the condition of our nation and our world. I hope you will pay attention because your future depends on it.

Keeping it truthful and honest…K



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