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Discipleship Transforms our Character

Discipleship sounds so boot-campish doesn’t it? Discipleship however is the process of God’s Word, Holy Spirit mentorship, and the Church - all coming together to bring transformation that is the next step within the salvation experience. 

For example, I know many people who, before coming to Christ, lived a cheating, lying, life and they were always looking for a way to overcome a problem by their craftiness. When this kind of person comes to Christ, that basic nature needs time to be transformed into the image of Christ. In fact, sometimes even if they experience salvation by faith in Christ, they still hold to the tendencies of their former life. That is why it is very important to be in a fellowship group that accents on discipleship, with spiritual growth as an outcome. I even know older, more mature Christians, who have never had any serious discipleship training and as a result their current day theology is often questionable.

There are several signs of poor discipleship, let me list a few: 

  • ·     Negative attitude toward others
  • ·     No humility 
  • ·     Lack of forgiveness
  • ·     Greedy and lacks a spirit of freely giving to others
  • ·     Argumentative know-it-all attitude
  • ·     Lack of discipline in working with others
  • ·     Poor relationship building skills and superficial relationships
  • ·     Often sees other races in a negative light, including immigrants coming to America
  • ·     Careless about theology and is naïve about Bible doctrine
  • ·     Has no mercy on people who make mistakes, or is highly critical of people down
          on their luck
  • ·     Has a tendency to accept all religions as equal
  • ·     Has no interest in Israel or the foundations of the Old Testament
  • ·     Independent attitude that is at odds with the Church

Well you get the point. The question you have to ask yourself, what part of that list represents Christ? What aspects of this list are even good character traits? 

Discipleship is not taught in many Christian circles today, and that contributes to the lack of spiritual knowledge in the body of Christ. One of the big short- comings in the character of Christians today is the depth of relationships. This will be painful for most of you, but it is the truth. 

“People love what you do for them, but they won’t love you.” In other words, relationship is made only as long as you are supplying a need. You as a person do not matter as long as you continue to supply the need.  

I can say a hearty AMEN. (This was supplied to me by the way by one of my podcasters. He also said AMEN.)

I call it the truck syndrome. When you have a truck in a neighborhood where people need you to supply a HAULING need, you are loved. However, get rid of the truck, and you no longer have a relationship. 

Discipleship is the transformation of your character into the character of Christ. It is a critical mandate for the Church and without it we will lose sight of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. 

Read through that list again, and ask God which ones you represent.  It might be painful…

Keeping it honest and truthful….K





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