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When Kids Are Used To Divide A Nation

I am so mad at what I hear in the news these days that I could spit nails.  Some politicians have been calling what is happening at our southern border with parents and children “evil treatment”, which is just plain wrong.  HEY POLITICIANS, YOU BUNCH OF HYPOCRITICAL LAWMAKERS, you strain out a gnat and swallow camels. Isn’t that what Jesus said of the Pharisees? These politicians are so upset about these kids being separated from their parents at the border, but they don’t mind supporting laws that kill babies in the womb. I think they desire the same reaction Jesus gave the Pharisees. These politicians who are given the right to represent Americans in Washington should be the first group of Americans who support the laws of the land, and not advocate against them. The United States has laws governing illegal entry into this country, and those laws are finally being enforced. This immigration problem is a politician’s problem; they created it, and they also refuse to fix it. How many administrations have come and gone who swore they would fix the immigration problems?  President Trump is right - it is the job of Congress to write laws, so why haven’t they fixed our Southern border? Let me be blunt. Our politicians are not worth listening to nor are they worth voting for, because they aren’t doing their jobs. I am like so many Americans who are sick of the sanctimonious rhetoric in Washington on immigration reform. We can’t seem to agree on anything and meanwhile more tension builds over something that could be fixed with a little cooperation from everyone. Everywhere I look I see division so tense that it appears that we are in another civil war. It is a war of ideology with hateful people wanting to destroy America for the sake of their political agendas. I am sick of it, however, I have a solution!

Split American in half using the Mississippi River as the dividing line. Give all the land West of the river to the liberals, and all the land to the East to the conservatives and let them rule their domain according to their ideology. All liberals will live in the West and all Conservatives in the East. These two countries can govern their parcel of land by their ideologies and everyone can be happy ever after. 

Of course it won’t work because the liberals will have total chaos and the conservatives will be overly restrictive. Perhaps it would be fair to say that we need each other in order to have a reasonably balanced form of government that works together in finding the best solutions for the people they govern. Not all liberal ideas are from hell, and not all conservative ideas are brainless and hateful. I think it is time we become Americans again, and not Democrats and Republicans. We need to stop the bi-partisan politics and get back to helping Americans agree on what is best for our country. We may always disagree, but we don’t have to use our disagreements to manipulate the process so our party can win the next election.

Jesus told us this:

Matthew 12:25 “Jesus knew their thoughts and replied, "Any kingdom divided by civil war is doomed. A town or family splintered by feuding will fall apart.

So unless we pray for a different spirit in our land, we will destroy America. You may not acknowledge it, but we are in a civil war in America today. Unless we are willing to make some concessions to getting back to the country our founding fathers established, we will no longer be a nation for the people, by the people; we will be a nation of divided people. 

Divided people will not prosper, nor will they survive. Perhaps that is the reason America is not mentioned in the prophetic scriptures, we were so divided that we destroyed ourselves… 

Keeping it honest and truthful…K

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