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Opinions That Lead to Confusion

Proverbs 18:2 

A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion.

Most of us know about the last days being an era of confusion. The closer we come to Christ’s return, the more confused the world becomes. Confusion is the result of our opinions, and in the end when opinions conflict with other opinions; it creates a disagreement or confusion. Many folks will not engage in any kind of controversy, or put another way, the clash of two opinions, because it is too disheartening. I understand that the clash of two differing worldviews becomes a war of words and ideology. 

Opinion is defined as: a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.”

We all have a right to our opinion - that is our first Amendment right, the freedom of speech, the freedom to express our opinion. So I am not suggesting we censor opinions, I simply suggest that we don’t preach opinion as truth. 

In the church world I have contended for years that sermons are basically the opinions of the preacher, but opinion or not, all teaching must be verified by scripture. Too much of what is heard in church is about personal experience, which is not truth; it simply is an experience that has been preached as truth. 

It is my opinion however, that the Holy Spirit won’t tell one believer one thing, and then turn around and tell another believer the exact opposite. However that happens all the time when opinions are preached in church. I heard a preacher say recently that God doesn’t condone violence and so the tribulation period will not reflect who God really is to us.  This preacher rejected most of the Book of Revelation because it was too violent and it was not a good representation of God’s love. 

Now that is an option, and it is dead wrong. Think about all the confusion this type of opinion will cause within the church. It is this kind of opinion where the denial of God’s wrath on people will take them by surprise. This type of opinion creates confusion, which leads to unbelief, and unbelief leads to the rejection of God. 

Let me suggest something to you.
Some thoughts on what to do with your opinions:

  1. Acknowledge that an opinion is simply a personal belief and not fact.
  2. Realize that your opinion is subject to seeing through a glass darkly and you may not have all the details in the proper sequence. 
  3. Let your opinion go through the smell test of pride to see if what you are standing your ground defending is really about you not wanting to be wrong. Few preachers ever admit that they have preached things that later in life they realized were wrong. Opinion and pride are like-minded, so beware.
  4. Opinions should be conversation starters where you engage with others (like iron sharpens iron) to get the best interpretation or the best practice generated to accomplish God’s will on earth. Opinions are not trophies to put on display to show others how smart you are. 
  5. Opinions need to be tested by God’s word to see if they line up with God’s ideas and plans. Too often opinions trump God’s Spirit and harden the heart so the person becomes unteachable and refuses correction. 

Our goal as Christians is to ultimately have God’s opinion in our hearts. This is not a slam on how God made us, but His opinion on everything is at a much higher caliber of wisdom and understanding than anything we could ever achieve. 

It is normal to have an opinion, but opinions that are not teachable, do not act in the best interest of growing in Christ. 

Keeping it honest and truthful…K

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