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CitySites Media has been doing audio and video production for the past twelve years and continues to be a leader in creative affordable audio and video productions for non-profit ministries and churches.

Radio/audio productions

CitySites Media started as a response to the lack of multi-cultural outreach on Christian radio stations.  CitySites has produced radio programs for ethnic outreaches in the following languages.


CitySites  Media also created short features for music radio:

Teen Challenge Presents
Bridging the Gap Woman’s Ministry
Metro Hope Ministry
Allies Youth ministry
Workplace Minute for the Marketplace
CitySites Daily Digest, a radio magazine on Christian ministry in the Twin Cities

Longer Teaching Radio shows
Deeper Life Bible Church, 3rd largest Church in the world from Logo Nigeria
Faith Roots Radio, a program about the Hebraic Roots of scripture
Understanding the Times Radio with Jan Markell

Recently, CitySites Media has been producing Podcasts for clients who want to develop a following on the internet .  We can both record, and edit any broadcast, sermon, or teaching to fit a time frame, or quality standard that might be required.

Video Ministry

CitySites Media creates promotional and teaching video’s for non-profit ministries and churches.

Our expertise has been in creating a 3-5 minute video promotion for non-profits.
These short, but effective videos are ideal for telling the story of ministries, either for websites, you tube, or for introducing an audience to the ministry prior to a speaker.

In recent years, we have produced teaching videos for ministries who had a need to expand their influence to a broader audience.
Our video client list includes:
Hope for the City
World Mission Prayer League
Good News for Israel
St Michaels Lutheran Church Bloomington
St Paul’s Lutheran Church Mpls
Union Gospel Mission
Hennepin County

For references or a more extended audio/video portfolio please contact:

Larry Kutzler
CitySites Media
Executive Director

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