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A People Without Understanding Shall Come to Ruin

I love the Prophet Hosea. It’s so encouraging to know that God’s love restores the most wayward of people. God is willing to go to great lengths to bring His people to Himself … that is the narrative of the Book of Hosea. However, God reminds His audience that if you live without Him, you will have no understanding. In Chapter 4 of Hosea, we find this verse.

Hosea 4:14 A people without understanding shall come to ruin.

So, no matter how much He loves us, it is still up to us to respond to Him.

The understanding that God wants from us is found in knowing Him. In knowing Him, we find out how He wants us to live. In a recent conversation with some ministry friends, we asked the question, “what would it be like if we all lived in honor and respect for each other?” I realize that is a lofty question, so much so that it doesn’t seem possible. It becomes impossible because we no longer want or live in a moral society. We have abandoned the Ten Commandments which have been the bedrock of Western civilization. The Christian message that colonized Europe and the new world in America propagated the moral code of the Ten Commandments into our laws and social mores. There has been an attack on these moral codes since the 1960s and we have seen these attacks escalate in the last decade. People do not want a moral code … it is restrictive and holds people back from becoming what they want to become.

Here is another understanding that we as people do not comprehend. Christianity is dangerous, and there is nothing safe about the Gospel. Jesus said if you follow Him, you will be persecuted. When I listen to Christian radio they keep telling me about safety, yet, it is an oxymoron … there is nothing safe in living for Christ. Please tell me what you read in the Bible is safe. There is safety with God to a point but living out your faith in an open manner will not get you voted the most popular person in the office.

· A moral voice in today’s world is not a popular voice. It is a voice that tells us that abortion is wrong and no matter what the Government says, it is an immoral act of murder

· A moral voice is one that says lying is wrong at any level of life. It is wrong for a child to lie, and it is wrong for the leaders in our nation’s capital to lie

· A moral voice is a voice of courage that says homosexuality, transgenderism, and lesbianism is a wrong lifestyle because it changes the design of the creator

· A moral voice says adultery is wrong

· A moral voice says that pedophilia is child abuse

· A moral voice stands for honor and respect for all people

· A moral voice cares about the poor and marginalized

· A moral voice has unwavering convictions and stands up for what is right

· A moral voice is a voice of influence for what is righteous and God-honoring

· A moral voice is a voice of the conscience and speaks the language of the Soul

Morality is a lost art in our world, but in the world to come, morality will be second nature for those who live forever with God.

I challenge you to read the Ten Commandments and think through how these Ten Commandments will affect and guide your moral life before God. If these Ten Commandments are violated in any way, it will create the evilest and wickest society known to mankind. I believe we have arrived at this point in human history. Without a heart change in our nation, we will lose this nation to a world of godlessness and the worship of idols.

Getting back to our minister group I mentioned earlier. We processed this idea of a moral compass and proceeded to identify what a moral society would look like by identifying the characteristics. I would ask you to do the same.

Thanks for taking the time to peruse this blog and help in bringing clarity to a world filled with confusion.

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