The Acts of the Lord

In reading through the Book of Job, I discovered a list of God’s acts that often go unnoticed in our church world. I like to find Scriptures that go beyond the easy understanding of who God is and refines our thinking about what God does in our world. The following list is taking from Job 12:13-23:

These are the acts of God as recorded:

  • God is wisdom

  • God is power

  • God is counsel

  • God is understanding

  • God destroys

  • God puts in prison with no escape

  • God holds the rain, and the earth becomes a desert

  • God releases the rain, and it floods the earth

  • God is strength

  • God holds the deceivers in His hand

  • God strips counselors of good judgment

  • God allows Judges to become fools

  • God removes the royal robes of Kings

  • God strips priests of their status

  • God overthrows those with long years in power

  • God silences the trusted advisors

  • God remove the sight of the elders

  • God pours disgrace upon princes and disarms the strong

  • God uncovers mysteries hidden in darkness

  • God brings light to the deepest gloom

  • God builds up nations and He abandons others

  • God strips kings of understanding and leaves them wandering in a pathless wasteland

  • God allows people to grope in darkness without light, He makes them stagger like drunkards

You would have to admit this is a different list of what God does than you think, right?

God allows people to be misplaced even in familiar surroundings. COVID-19 is a perfect example of people feeling misplaced because of the quarantine. The lack of social interaction makes everyone feel misplaced, and we all get a taste of what some people feel like all the time.

God sees everything, especially the motives of the heart. God sees how counselors misplace common sense by giving advice to people that are contrary to God’s laws. God allows judges to become foolish because of their unfair and biased decisions that favor evil over good. God removes the wisdom of the elders because they have used their influence for their own profit and reputation. God removes those who have labored long and hard at keeping power, primarily because power has made them wealthy. God removes the authority of kings who have misused their power to control and steal from their subjects. God has exposed the priests for their unbelief and vile practices of immorality.

Nothing escapes the sight of the Lord.

God is a moral judge, as much as He is a loving Savior. Any corrupt person in government or in positions of authority will one day face a moral judge. When people think they will achieve success by favoring evil over good, and profit from the immoral behavior of laws and policies, are only fooling themselves to think God looks the other way. God sees all, and His record of wrongdoing will be the basis of His rebuke on Judgment day.

The most overlooked aspect in our modern-day is the reality that we all face God someday. We are so preoccupied with the pleasures of this world that we fail to come to grips with facing Almighty God, and people who die without Christ as their Savior will face God with only their sin as a resume. The rich and powerful will come to the shocking reality that their lifestyle of prosperity and privilege did not do them any favors when God begins to probe into how they spent their days on earth. Nothing is hidden from God. The liars will be exposed for what they told others, and the cheaters will be confronted with how their unfair advantage affected others. The sexually impure will be shown how perverting God’s creation damaged their relationship with the Creator. Those who had positions of authority and who engaged in mispresenting truth by substituting their greed for the grace of God will be held in contempt in God’s court of law.

Remember, if you ignore the grace of God found in His Savior, you will be held accountable for every sin you ever committed, regardless of its severity.

The greatest acts of God are always found in His creation, in His grace, and in a redeemed life. Only God can truly create, offer grace, and forever redeem a life. God is never silent when it comes to those three. His voice is perpetually speaking. Are you listening to the still small voice telling you to consider that the greatest act of God is only found in His son Jesus Christ?

Challenging the Culture with Truth … Larry Kutzler