The Majority is the Rule?

It’s amazing that the majority doesn’t have much of a say these days as it once did. When I was growing up, the majority was the rule of thumb when it came to making decisions in society … the majority of the people had to be on board to make anything happen. That is no longer the case. In fact, it hasn’t been that way for many decades. Today, it’s the minority who are making the rules and dictating to the majority on public policy.

It basically comes down to a question of power as to who is in control. The control used to be held by the majority in our society … legislatively, sociologically, and judicially. We have seen how some of the cause-oriented groups have been successful in changing policy opinion and policy even though they were a small minority group. In recent years, groups of cause-oriented organizations have dictated to the majority redefining what is moral … and we as a society have accepted it. There are no longer moral reasons to legislate for change … it’s now only the cause for freedom that is heard. Moral is out, freedom is in, and the majority of people remain silent on the issues.

In recent years, the causes of minority groups have won almost all legal battles paving the way for a redefining of marriage, of sexual orientation, and restricting the speech of anyone who opposes their causes.

Many ministries will never talk about moral issues because of the intimidation of Social Media, and the risk of being humiliated and ostracized by public opinion. No one wants to go through that kind of scrutiny. Plus, the majority will never come to your aid, so it seems easier to remain silent.

I can’t imagine God wants us to remain silent. King Solomon didn’t think so:

Ecclesiastes 3:7 A time to be silent and a time to speak.

I do not think this is a time to be silent. It is a time to speak up. I realize that we are facing an immoral Goliath when we face our silence and speak up. I realize that the immoral ‘Goliaths’ in our society intimidate most of us today, so perhaps we need to re-acquaint ourselves with the story of David and Goliath. In their day, Israel’s armies were silent when faced with Goliath, much like we are in our day. It took an unlikely warrior … a shepherd boy … to be the deliverer for Israel and defeat their Goliath. That day, the tide turned in Israel’s struggle against her enemy, the Philistines. Their Goliath was faced and was defeated, all because of the faith of a shepherd boy and help from Almighty God.

Do we have any shepherd boys today who refuse to be silenced? I think the church is full of warriors who will not be put into the silent majority. It took David’s bravery and unmitigated desire to honor God that put him on the battlefield that day to face a menacing foe. The odds of defeating Goliath were not in Israel’s favor, much like it is for the church today in overturning the immoral bent in our society. David’s actions gave the silent majority of Israel’s army the kind of encouragement they needed to get past the intimidation of Goliath to move forward with confidence and defeat her enemy.

Perhaps there is a David reading this blog today who is being reminded that fear is not a motivator to move forward … it usually is a catalyst to run away.

Have we been living in the fear of the immoral Goliath that surrounds us? Have we settled for the silence and safety of the sanctuary, rather than confront our fears and make the name of the Lord great again in society?

We need some shepherd boys to step up and break the silence for the majority today.

Challenging the Culture with Truth … Larry Kutzler