Trusting in the Wrong Answer

I have a pastor friend who likes to provoke us. He does it because he cares that we don't go down the wrong road making mistakes and taking risks we shouldn't be taking. Here is an example of what I mean.

Trusting in All the Wrong Things! Pastor Tom Parrish

I am forever amazed at how capable we are as human beings of making the wrong choices over and over and over. Many years ago an attractive 38-year-old woman came to me for counseling. Her dilemma was that she was preparing to divorce her fifth husband. I expected her to ask me to help discover what she was doing wrong. Instead she said to me, “I’m so frustrated with men. What wrong with men anyway?”

We have the tendency to keep making the same mistakes over and over and over but somehow expecting different results. Right now we have a mess in Afghanistan, a border that has become nothing but screen door on a submarine, and we expect our politicians, money moguls, and creativity to help us survive the mess we have created. We’re in deep trouble and the prospects of getting healthy are dimming with each passing hour.

The Bible is emphatic on this topic. Listen to what Solomon wrote over 3000 years ago: “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is insight.” (Proverbs 9:10) The wisdom we need today is not going to come from us! The wisdom we need has been revealed in totality in Jesus Christ. “I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father but by me” (John 14:6)

If you’re depending on the President, the Democrats, the Republicans, Antifa, Black Lives Matter then I’d like to introduce you to that 38-year-old woman who was divorcing her fifth husband. Instead it is time we got on our knees, admit our attempts to be god, repent of our repeated mistakes and sins, and call on the name of Jesus. It is time to call on Jesus before we run out of time in America.

Pastor Tom Parrish is always direct and on point. Pastor Tom has a great ministry to challenge the church to do better and be better in being a witness for the Kingdom of God. Tom is right. I know Christians who have never matured in their faith … they are arguing the same old arguments, making the same mistakes, and never coming to the knowledge of the truth.

1 Timothy 1:19 Cling to your faith in Christ, and keep your conscience clear. For some people have deliberately violated their consciences; as a result, their faith has been shipwrecked.

Getting too close to what the world thinks or allowing the culture to influence your thinking can shipwreck your faith. Getting too close to the shore or a reef can ground your ship … that’s what some people do when it comes to their faith. God is calling His Church to be different … leading, not following every trend and every thought that presents itself as truth. Look at how the culture jumps to conclusions on issues, and never thinks about the long-term effects on society or on the people it pushes aside to make a point.

For example, freedom isn’t always about getting your way … freedom is an opportunity to serve at the highest level to make life better for everyone. That sometimes means your personal freedom may need to take a knee to the greater good of freedom for everyone. You can apply this to abortion, social justice, individual rights, and expression.

I don’t think the riots in Minneapolis did anyone any good. Those who lost their business and livelihoods were those who were victims of those who thought their freedom was worth the violence. I don't think the unborn would say someone's freedom to abort is really good for their well-being. Do you see how mistaken we can be? We are thinking the wrong thoughts with the wrong motives … this can be so destructive to those who get in the way of those who think their way is right.

Pastor Tom Parrish is right. When we trust in wrong things, we get wrong results. God has the only plan for the human race … that plan is Jesus.

You may disagree but when you compare what Jesus taught with what is being taught today, there is no comparison. The culture has nothing to offer you except the wrong conclusion to the wrong question. Their question starts with, “What’s in it for me?” The right question starts and ends with God. That question is, “Who is God?” The right answer is Jesus Christ.

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