What Do We Need From God? Part Two ~ Clarity


Once again, here are the three things I feel we need from God:

1. I would like to pray for courage. I need courage from God.

2. I would like to pray for clarity. I need clarity from God.

3. I would like to pray for conclusion. I need conclusion from God.

Last time I talked about courage. Today, let’s continue with clarity.

In a day when evil is trying to influence everything in society, we need to have a clear understanding of who God is and what God wants. As one of my favorite commentators Dennis Prager says, “clarity is everything.”

Clarity is important because it brings into focus what is real and what is not real. During the last year or so (and it continues today,) we are not clear about our health, the pandemic, or local and state governments. So, many of the things we are facing in life are like being caught in a fog … seeing images but not clearly seeing the direction ahead. Nothing is clear, and what appears to be clear is confusing. When clarity is experienced it helps us know direction, purpose, and fulfillment. That is why so many companies and ministries have mission and vision statements because these documents bring clarity to why they exist and what they do.

So, this is what we do on the corporate level of organizations, but do we do the same thing as individuals? Do we operate on the level of knowing our mission … why we exist, and what we are to do? Personal mission and vision statements can bring clarity to our lives and remind us that life is lived beyond ourselves to really find meaning and purpose. This is why the most rewarding jobs in our world may not be the ones that pay the most but are those jobs that seek the improvement of others brings the greatest reward.

Clarity is being able to see what is real and what is not real. It is the discernment of mind and heart to find the understanding of how to live. The opposite of clarity is confusion, and when we are confused we lose the ability to know truth or direction.

Most people are followers … they do what the crowd thinks is cool or purposeful. For instance, many people who protest and support Black Lives Matter are not protesting against racism as they think, they are protesting the foundation of what we are as a nation. We are not a perfect nation and many things need to change, but what does not need to change is the foundation of our nation … our constitution. Our constitution gives us the right to have the freedoms we do have and makes sure everyone has the same rights as everyone else. There are abuses and inequalities, but to substitute Marxism for what we have is not the answer to any inequality.

I always say that if you think socialism is a good idea, visit some of the countries around the world that live under it. You will find that freedom is not what you get … what you get is an equal dose of what everyone else wants for you, and you have no choice in the matter. In many of these countries, choice is not what you get … you get what is made available to you. When you shop at the store, you don’t get five or ten choices of a product, you get one. When you look for a job, there are not many choices to choose from based upon salary or location … you get what is offered, limited, and underpaid. Life in a socialistic world is not what Americans would prefer, yet there is no clarity in their understanding of the matter. The young ideologists in our streets have no idea what they are fighting for … let alone what they are fighting against. The values they think they want will ultimately enslave their futures and will underserve their dreams and goals.

Remember, clarity is not a value of evil. Evil works in the shadows of questions, doubts, and hidden agendas. It does not offer solutions that heal, or grow, or develop … it only offers ideas that will destroy.

Let me unpack for you what clarity does step by step:

1. Clarity asks the hard questions of the why and who of a matter. Why does this exist? Who does it benefit? Who is behind it? You must get beyond all the promotion and rhetoric to see the foundation of the matter.

2. Clarity identifies the end result of a matter. What is the conclusion? Will the conclusion deliver the promises made? Will conclusion deliver on the goals of what is said?

3. Clarity uncovers the rules or expectations of a matter. Often the expectations people operate under are completely different than what they anticipated. There has to be the same outcome we agreed upon in order to achieve an equitable outcome for everyone.

4. Clarity declares truth. Ambiguity, confusion, disappointment, and discouragement all happen when truth is not upheld as a value. Truth must be the goal of any relationship, based upon the trust of holding truth as a virtue.

5. Clarity gives direction. Without knowing where you are going, you will never get anywhere. Clarity shows the way through, the way around, the destination, and where you will end up.

This is why I pray for clarity. I want God’s clarity of His Word to identify, to discern, and to define the path I take for my life. I want my mission and my vision to be clear expressions of who God is and what He wants me to accomplish through and in my life. The bottom line on clarity is only possible with God and His Word. Without God and His Word clarity doesn’t matter because if you are not going toward God in a clear path, then you are going away from Him and clarity will never be achieved.

Next time we talk about conclusion.

Challenging the Culture with Truth … Larry Kutzler