What’s at Stake with a Vote?

Politics has always been a problem for the church, at least since the 1954 Tax Code (Johnson Amendment) prohibited churches and non-profits from supporting political candidates.

Churches cannot favor or oppose particular candidates for political office. The ban on electioneering has nothing to do with the First Amendment or Jeffersonian principles of separation of church and state. Instead, the ban is based on a provision in the 1954 tax reform act prohibiting all tax-exempt organizations from supporting or opposing political candidates. ~James D. Davidson

Today, there is a move by many pastors across America to oppose that provision. They call for the liberty to support political candidates just like any other secular entity does in the election process.

In this COVID-19 era, government officials continue to take unconstitutional steps to restrict churches from worshipping, unfairly silencing them, and holding them to a different, and even discriminatory, standard. Does it make sense to reopen casinos, tattoo parlors, abortion centers, and liquor stores while keeping houses of worship closed? The irrelevance of the church in our culture has contributed to the attitude of our officials that the church is not an essential part of American life. This is illustrated by many states closing church services during COVID-19.

Christians have swallowed some bill of goods that says Christians cannot speak into political issues. And while the church has remained largely mute on cultural issues, activists have worked to put in place new laws and cultural norms that run counter to the Bible. At its core, the church needs to remember it is an institution created by God, not the state of California, not the federal government. In other words, legislation and politicians may fight to impose unbiblical values on our families, but God retains all authority, not man-made programs and government. ~Pastor Jack Hibbs

Apparently keeping people encouraged, focused, and dispelling fear is not considered an essential part of pursuing a healthy outlook for living life. Media messages are all negative and fear based because that’s what sells their product. Give people the worse news you can, and even lie about what you are delivering. As a society, we accept the lies regardless if it is healthy for our outlook on life. Really? State governments allow liquor stores and retail spaces to be open so we can get our fix of booze and buying, which we all know are mainstays for the American lifestyle. But church services are not? This is a great insight into how religion is viewed in America. Booze and buying are essential … religion and church, not so much. To me, this is a great commentary about how evil has permeated American life. Most of us have no clue how pervasive it really is until something like COVID-19 shows up and restricts our liberty to meet.

Some people have told me to get over it, the church still has the electronic means to present their message. That may be true, but society doesn’t say that to other groups who feel they need to gather to protest in person. Are they encouraged to take their protests virtual? So, regardless of the reasons a group gathers, one group is unprotected and unbridled to meet in person, while the other group stays in compliance with the quarantine orders and continues to be restricted.

My point in all of this is that voting helps us to elect leaders who use the law and the policies of government to serve the people … not lord it over them and control them. Casting our vote will confirm whether we want to remain a free, liberty-loving people, or be a people subject to the dictates of a government ideology that will force us into compliance that opposes our current American institutions. Of course, one of these institutions is the church. Religious liberty will be restricted, especially for those who preach against immorality, sin, and the return of Jesus Christ. Three things will happen in our society if we vote for people with the wrong ideas:

1. The Gospel will be restricted. No more Biblical truth-telling about abortion, homosexuality, transgenderism, and God’s judgment.

2. Churches will be taxed and donations will no longer have a tax credit for contributions. This will be especially true for churches who don’t comply with the social issues of the day. The silencing of the pulpit is on the agenda of some political parties today. Just look at California and what their churches are facing during this COVID-19 era.

3. Churches that preach a Gospel message will be blamed for the hatred generated in society. If your message is against the immorality in America, you will be judged by Social Media and blamed for the torment you bring to millions of Americans. Your message of how you preach the Gospel will be targeted for extinction from society.

Yes, your vote is important. It is also important to know that God sets up and tears down authorities. Our part is to pray and to vote, and to leave the rest up to Him.

Please pray for our country, and please vote. Don’t think it doesn’t matter if you vote or not … it absolutely does matter. You have two choices … your vote says you oppose the ideas that oppose God and His Word, or your vote says you support the ideas that oppose God and His Word. If you don’t vote, you are still choosing. What choice do you think you choose if you don’t vote?

These are choices only you can make … and you must choose.

Challenging the Culture with Truth … Larry Kutzler

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