When Culture Deteriorates


There are some things about culture that I like. Take indoor plumbing, for example. As a boy, I stayed on a farm that had no indoor plumbing so we used the outhouse … it was about 25 yards from the house. Most of you probably can’t relate. I am thankful for the MacBook Pro I am typing on today. It’s a sweet computer and helps me immensely in doing my blogs. (My wife also likes her MacBook Pro … she is sweet too.)

The roadways we travel on every day, the streaming of church services, and the ability to pursue our dreams and goals … are all great attributes of a culture that prioritizes these things. However, the culture that does not bring morality into focus, and derives its ideas/ideology void of a God-centered perspective, is not a culture that will grow … it will only deteriorate. Rome had some of the best laws and forms of government, yet failed at keeping a moral code. That was Rome’s downfall … their culture supported immorality and they morally imploded. That immorality made them weak and made them vulnerable to their enemies.

The recent Afghanistan withdrawal is an example of decisions made by an administration that has little wisdom and even less common sense. This action was unwise and seemed like a kneejerk reaction to a campaign promise President Biden made to bring our troops home. Not only did we remove our troops and leave weapons and military vehicles for them to add to their arsenal, but our government also handed the Taliban a victory that unraveled ten years’ efforts by our military and 2 trillion dollars of American taxpayers’ money. Americans were also left behind with no means of escaping the country. The greatest cost of this disaster was the lives lost and the question I ask, for what?

• American service members killed in Afghanistan through April: 2,448

• United States contractors: 3,846

• Afghan national military and police: 66,000

• Other allied service members, including from other NATO member states: 1,144

• Afghan civilians: 47,245

• Taliban and other opposition fighters: 51,191

• Aid workers: 444

• Journalists: 72

I am sure there will be more books and documentaries made about what went wrong in Afghanistan, but were the cost of human lives worth the 20-year involvement only to disrespect their sacrifice to leave in the way America left? It was disgraceful, dishonoring, and to be honest, characteristic of our society. If it doesn’t work, just quit. Don’t tell the whole truth, only tell the side you agree with and create the narrative on only half-truths. Our society is responsible for what is happening in the aftermath of Afghanistan. Our government reflects what we believe as Americans regardless if you voted for the current administration or not. Our government is us, period. The big question we asked following the Vietnam war era was why? Why did we fight and lose our loved ones just to end up giving all we were fighting for over to our enemy in the end? World War II, we lost a lot of men and women, but the cause was just. The threat to world domination was at stake with the Germans taking over much of Europe. By 1942, we had no choice but to fight against the tyranny of Nazism. I am not sure we know why we were in the wars since then. Lots of ideas and very smart people have convinced the rest of us that keeping freedom alive in the world is a noble and necessary cause. It very well may be, but is it worth the cost of lives during and after such occupations like Afghanistan?

Less than a month after the U.S. troops withdrew troops from Afghanistan, the Taliban have started arresting, and in some instances executing, people they perceive as their enemies. Recent photos and videos suggest they're killing as many as 30 to 40 at a time, Christian missionary David Eubank, a former U.S. Army Special Forces and Ranger officer, said in a media interview. The way the United States pulled out is “dishonorable, and a horrible breaking of promises … and leaving thousands of people behind that we promised we’d take out with us including American citizens,” Eubank, who is from Free Burma Rangers and provides humanitarian services in war-torn areas. CBN Newsfeed

When a culture deteriorates it starts with losing gratitude. Honor and respect come from grateful people, and when gratitude is lost, deterioration of that culture begins. Americans have a hard time with gratitude. They are a people who have been accustomed to much but are never satisfied with what they have because there is always a thirst for more.

When a culture deteriorates it loses perspective. It forgets its history and focuses on the here and now. It forgets about the previous generations who made it possible for the present culture to exist and experience the freedom it does. Losing perspective places the culture in harm’s way of being subject to the personalized needs of each person at the expense of the whole. Rather than working toward maturing our perspective, our perspective turns to destruction. That destruction elevates self as the primary reason for living. Our culture is an example of how our individual appetites rule our perspectives.

When a culture deteriorates it loses the ability to know truth. Today, our culture has a one-sided bias and it forces us to group think. No one dares to think differently anymore. If you challenge the status quo of groupthink, be prepared to be ridiculed and categorized as irrelevant. We have become victims of this indoctrination. Another word that could be used is propaganda. Propaganda is information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.

Another way of saying this is, “we are being programmed.” Movies have programmed us to accept sex before marriage and to solve our disagreements with violence. Media has programmed us to think from a liberal perspective. Social justice advocates have programmed us to think everything is about race.

Where I conclude is quite simple. Culture will implode in time and the fallout will be a discovery of how much culture has lied to us. Get ahead of the curve on this one and see what the Bible has to say about the world (culture) and learn about the one who is driving it. It will prove my point.

Challenging the Culture with Truth … Larry Kutzler


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