When Stuff Gets in the Way


I have some small furniture pieces in my garage that have been there for over a year. They belong to someone else, but I have been moving them around and tripping over them … they have become a great nuisance to me. However, it gave me an idea for a blog posting. “When stuff gets in the way.” Of course, my immediate reaction is, “Well, get rid of them, duh.” Yes, that is easier said than done. Why? The furniture pieces belong to someone else, someone who I know would be mad if I just threw them out. So, of course, I endure the nuisance and the stuff continues to get in my way. That is often the way it is in life. There are things that just get in the way that can hinder who you are or what you would like to do.

There is a story in the Bible that Jesus told about a woman who got in the face of a judge every day looking for justice. It never tells us what the justice was for, but it must have been a rather egregious offense for her to come every day to try to get it. Now, the judge was not a pushover because he said, “I do not fear God nor do I fear man.” So, in other words, he could not be influenced by being bribed, nor did he feel that he had any obligation to God to settle her case. He just ignored her, again and again and again. She became to him what these pieces of furniture have become to me … something that gets in your way. She became so annoying to him that he decided to grant her what she was coming to him every day to get … justice.

Now, the point of the story is about Jesus telling us we need to get in God’s way every day so that in essence we will create a nuisance until He grants us our requests. Now, most of us do not want to be a nuisance to anyone, so we stay out of the way. Staying out of the way of God, when there is a crisis only He can remedy, is not a plan a mother whose baby is dying would to do. She is desperate and she will do anything to get healing for her child. She will become like the pieces of furniture in my garage that I trip over every day in order to get God’s attention and to get Him to act on her behalf.

You may not have a dying child, but you do have needs that probably only God can meet. How much of a nuisance are you to God in prayer? Do you represent this woman in any way in your pursuit of God’s intervention? The woman in the story Jesus told apparently had no other source, no other way to get justice in her day, she had to get it from the one source … the judge. So often we hear the words, “God cares for you” or “God loves you” yet when we need a miracle or an extraordinary intervention by God, those words don’t seem to have a lot of meaning then. I’m convinced that Jesus didn’t talk in terms of platitudes like we so often use today. Jesus simply did a miracle, believed He was heard in heaven, and the result was a person regained sight or found new strength to get up and walk again. To the devil, Jesus was also like that furniture in my garage … Jesus was always in his way. The devil went around robbing, stealing, and destroying people and Jesus showed up and restored them.

Here is my point. It takes persistence to see the end result. An athlete doesn’t win the event by simply training for an event, they persistently push themselves to cross the finish line first. The woman in this story was not going to be pushed away by the discouragement of being turned down, again, and again. She knew she had no other choice than to be persistent and get in the way until she got her justice. Did it work? Of course, because the judge was so annoyed by her persistence that he granted her request.

The lesson here is about becoming a persistent factor that gets in the way until the answer from God is heard. I believe Jesus knew that persistence in faith before God to get an answer or a solution will take being before God relentlessly, until He acts upon your request.

Let me conclude by saying this. Being a nuisance isn’t what we want to be known for, but in the case of going before God for a request that only He could grant, has merit. Get that request before God as often as you can, so God in a proverbial way is tripping over it all the time. Tripping over it, over, and over, and over … all the time. That is a heart of persistence that never lets up, and never gives up on being a nuisance before God.

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