When Truth Has No Case


Over the years, my wife and I have had the opportunity to travel to a few European countries. One of the things we noticed from these countries is how they value who they are as a people group, and how much they honor their history. Good or bad, their history is important to them and they honor it. This was seen both in Ireland and in Greece which I recently visited. Greece has its flag everywhere, indicating national pride in their country. This is in stark contrast to the United States, especially in urban communities. Few people fly the flag on national holidays in our large cities.

In America we are ashamed of our heritage … politics and education have played a part in discouraging people to take pride in the United States of America. I think 9/11 was the one time in recent memory when our flag meant something to the nation, and we seemed to think as one as Americans. Since then, we don't stand while the national anthem is being played, and the names of statues, lakes, school buildings, and roads have all been changed to reflect our anger toward our past.

I think if a soccer player in Europe refused to stand for their national anthem, that person would have had a quick exit from the field for their own safety. I’m glad that Colin Kaepernick is not playing NFL football … he never would if he lived in other countries. America is a melting pot, but we have lost our sense of national pride as a country. Where other countries take pride in their heritage, we try to destroy it in the name of equity and political correctness.

History is history and we learn from it. The hypocrisy I see in trying to change our past is that they pick and choose who to dishonor by removing them from public view. In our history, you would have to get rid of most of the early presidents because many of them had slaves. The injustice people see in our history is the ignorance of our age … a flaw in how we educate our generations. The United States is not a perfect country … there are no perfect countries … but we have been a place where people can come and seek a better life for their families. My mother was an immigrant and was proud of her English heritage but prouder that she become a nationalized citizen in her new home in America. Some people come to America illegally, which only dilutes the fabric of America. Some immigrants today seem to care only about where they are from rather than what they do or where they are. Some immigrants only see America as a Walmart store, finding what they want, and ignoring the price that was paid for that Walmart store to exist.

Freedom is not free. Freedom is costly. Americans are not only forgetting that by not honoring our flag. We have also lost the purpose of why America exists in the first place. It was for freedom that we fought the wars we did starting with the first one that established the country in 1776. All wars that America has fought have been for the sake of freedom. Freedom of speech, freedom to elect representatives to government, freedom to raise a family without the fear of tyranny, freedom to worship, and freedom to be a free people. All of this has been challenged by segments of our population who want to control America. They tell us what to say and what to not say. They tell us how to vote, how to destroy our political system by fraud, and how to discredit people they hate. I’m thankful for the likes of President Trump, if not for anything other than showing us how those who want to change America operate against those who oppose them. I hope all these shenanigans by the Democrats in Washington will backfire, and the electorate will send a strong message to the world that America is still free. May God help America.

Those who read this blog know that there is always another side to the story … that’s the side where God enters the picture. His word tells us that our world doesn’t end up in a democracy … it ends up in a dictatorship filled with the seat of evil at the helm. We know there is a control coming to the world stage that will control the movement of people, money, governments, goods, and services. This control will be enacted much like the pandemic mandates of masks, shutdowns, and supply chain delays. Panic will rule the land much like we have seen in recent years with the pandemic. This coming pandemic will install a dictator and a system that will be world dominating … all freedom will be granted or denied by this system. This is where we will end up; yet conversations about it are few, even in the churches that know how the Scriptures explain it.

It is the influence of our age … no one cares. The church has lost the ability to be persuasive in what the Bible teaches will happen. We have our pockets of believers who are informed, but, from my assessment, the majority are living as they did in Noah's day before the flood … totally unaware of what is ahead. That is the main reason this blog exists, not to pontificate a religious message, but to warn and challenge the current thought in culture and in the church … both are deteriorating to a place of hopelessness.

Without God, we have no chance to survive. None. The freedom you once enjoyed in America as a conservative has changed to where you are public enemy number one, and unless the political and spiritual tide of this country changes in the next few years, it will be lost forever. Does this sound pessimistic? No. I have hope. I know that freedom is not a legislative process … freedom comes from faith, faith in a Savior that will not leave us or forsake us. He is my freedom, and I pray He is for you as well. Use your freedom in Christ to actively hold out hope for a generation who needs to hear His story. Vote and help America have more time to message the freedom of the Gospel.

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