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Where Have the Prophets Gone?

A real prophet is one who has discernment. Above all else, the prophet for today must see clearly how the Word of God is applied to the day in which we live. A real prophet gives both warning and comfort. The warning is to keep the Word of the Lord, and the comfort is that God is with those who do. If evil can transform into an angel of light, then how do we know what is true and what is not? That is where the prophet’s gift is needed. Discerning the times, identifying the practices of evil seen as truth, and clearly identifying the direction to take.

Some prophets today are saying things like, “God is going to bring a revival to this city and the outpouring will be as great as any in prior years.” Now, that would be a great thing if it were true, but so many times these kinds of ‘words’ not only do not come true, but they are lies to begin with. Are these prophets like cheerleaders who want to pump up the troops to keep the faithful to the task of praying and watching? I don't know, but a true prophet warns people that judgment will happen, and our lives need to be clean and ready to stand before a Holy God.

Discernment is missing in many churches today. No one is rightly dividing the Word of God to honor God and to bring a holy fear of the Almighty. Our messages are all about how He loves us, His mercy, and His forgiveness … all of which are necessary and true. Yet, there is little to no discernment about God's call to holiness, a reminder of His judgment, or His retribution for will-full disobedient sin.

My wife and I had a great conversation the other day about how Satan is infiltrating America's corporations, such as Disney, to promote an agenda of death and destruction. Transgenderism is evil, wrong, and confused nonsense. Yet, large corporations such as Disney and Target, and cities like Minneapolis are celebrating transgenderism:

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and City Council President Andrea Jenkins have proclaimed today, March 31, 2022, as International Transgender Day of Visibility in the City of Minneapolis. The International Transgender Day of Visibility holiday was founded in 2009 in response to the lack of holidays celebrating transgender people’s successes.

Absolutely lost, dark, and they have no clue that all this celebration is like taking meth … it is addicting and it never stops, the addiction continues until it kills the society.

The prophet tells the truth. Transgenderism, homosexual relationships, human trafficking, adultery … these will all kill a society. Abortion, for the most part, is a sin of appetite … we can’t stop having sex outside of marriage, so when the natural process happens, we just kill the child we don’t want. In the past, there was guilt associated with bad behavior, but today guilt is no longer accepted. You have the right to do what you want, and nothing should tell you otherwise.

The prophet says no. God does have the right to tell you what is right or what is wrong. He sets the standards, regardless if you deny them. Remember that death is coming for everyone, and it will reveal the truth about God. At that point, we will understand the fear of the Almighty and no one will escape His exit interview from earth. It is then all truth will be revealed. Many of us will be ashamed we lived the way we did, but it will be too late to change … as they say, “the damage has been done.”

We do not like this kind of God. We refuse to preach Him this way, and we refuse to acknowledge it is His world, His rules. The prophet reminds us of this, and the prophet says that the day of grace will eventually end. The church age is the era of God's grace, His mercy is our message, and salvation is our hope in Jesus Christ. The Prophet tells us that grace is God’s offer, but the wrath of God is the reality. The church must be exposed to both. You must be schooled in grace, mercy, and the forgiveness of God. However, at the same time, the prophet reminds us that our continuing education must include the wrath of hell and the judgment of God for a world that rejects His proposal in Christ.

We have become too soft in our message. In most churches, the prophet has been either silenced or the prophet is diluting the pond with false hopes and dreams. The prophet is about discernment and truth. The prophet points to the Word and makes a case against us for not following it, ignoring it, or being lazy with it.

I did not like the drill sergeant in boot camp … he was mean, harsh, and at times brutal. Yet, he made men out of boys, and that was the point. You don’t send boys to war … you send men who are prepared to fight and die for liberty. Prophets prepare us for the war we are in and the battle we will face tomorrow.

Church is not a social club where we get a fix on a good thought for the day or week. It is a place where we hear the truth that transforms our thinking, our behavior, and our directions in life. Life-changing events often happen because of a crisis. When the Doctor tells us that we will die at a young age if we don’t stop smoking, we have a choice. Prophets are those doctors who give us the kind of advice that is a choice-making truth. Prophets don’t change people … they simply tell them the truth.

Lastly, silence from the prophets is a sign of the slippery slope. It means we have settled for a Christian message that is easy to digest. Digesting an easy message will in time be no message at all.

Where have all the prophets gone? Good question. We need the prophets again in our pulpits to bring us the kind of discernment we need to stand for Christ in our Christless world.

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