The Tower That Is Being Built


Genesis 11:4 “4 And they said: 'Come, let us build us a city, and a tower, with its top in heaven, and let us make us a name; lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.”

I find this story in Genesis fascinating because in many respects this is where the world once again is headed. I became painfully aware recently of two documents that I was researching and found that they were similar in nature. One document was the Democratic platform statement and the other was the 2030 Agenda for the United Nations. In both cases the ideals centered on justice, compassion, and equality for all people on earth. Here check it out for yourself.

The DNC Platform

The United Nations 2030 Agenda

The idea behind both is gaining the power to transform America and then the world. Building the tower of Babel was symbolic of man’s ability to be his or her own god to reach a level of achievement that secures one’s own destiny. The mission statement of those earlier tower builders was: "There is no other god other than what man can achieve and therefore controlling the power to control the world through collaboration will create a new world order." Nothing much has changed since those early progressives started to build. Today's progressives have the same agenda and mindset. 

Who would stand against such things as eliminating poverty, securing justice for all people regardless of race or circumstances, and giving each person the opportunity to have equal access to education, health care, and governmental representation? This would be an ideal world if all those things were to take place in all four corners of the earth.  The problem with all of this is, there is no reference to God. Nothing is said about this being God’s world, and God’s creation?

Psalm 24:1 “The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it. The world and all its people belong to him.”

So the agenda is for man’s abilities to rule over this world and not God. God and the concept of God is nowhere to be seen through the Democratic Platform and the UN’s 2030 Agenda. If there is ever something to fear, it is this mindset of building a tower of praise (symbolically) for the achievements and the ability of man. This will change the fabric of nations, cultures, and be the groundwork for a one-world government. The Bible tells us that there will be another great empire on earth, similar to the ancient Roman Empire that will conquer all people and all lands. The only way for that to happen is that people have to buy into the idea that government is the only source that can effectively protect us, give us proper health care, and give us equal access to education and resources to stay out of poverty.  This is a simple formula to achieve a new world order but as you can see as you compare the two documents in the links provided, it is the mindset of both the Democratic platform and the UN 2030 Agenda. It is quite common, and getting to be the norm, that there is never a mention of God in the translation of these platforms. Why?  Because God has become an irrelevant topic in today’s discussion about government and it’s too explosive of a theme. So God is out, and achievement is in“Making America Great Again” is another more conservative phrase to inspire people to become hopeful again about the future of this country.  However, greatness comes from the recognition of God through repentance and obedience to a holy God.

I would say that God is not to be mocked, and there will come a day of reconciling the books of history. God will make all balance sheets of injustice, inequity, and poverty all come to a final liquidation on judgment day. There will be a judgment day, and all nations and people will be judged according to what they did with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  In the meantime, citizenship by the standards of the gospel will bring prosperity of heart to any nation because it teaches us to do what is right. Lying, greed, cheating, immorality, anger, injustice, inequity, racism, and all the other human shortcomings will all be wiped away and all things will be made brand new.  Judgment day will elevate Jesus Christ as the sole proprietor of the whole earth. There will be no more capitalism, no more socialism, no more communism, no more dictatorships, no more Islam, no more anything other than Jesus Christ! He will judge, rule, and restore this world to the order from which it was created. There is no mention of this scenario in any political or social agenda.  Why?  Because the agenda’s in this world are not based upon truth, but on what is best for those who have the power.

Remind your preacher of these things, and have a discussion with your family around the agenda of this world and contrast it with the agenda of what God lays out in His Word.

God had the last say at the tower of Babel, and He will once again have the last say about this new tower currently being built in our day.

Keeping it honest and truthful…K










Reversing The Racial Curse

There are few preachers today who are addressing the racial divide from a Biblical perspective. Dr Tony Evans has what I would call the best understanding concerning this issue in America today. 

I would suggest you get a cool beverage and listen.


It is the podcast called "Reversing The Racial Curse."


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Who Gets The Credit


It was years ago that I heard for the first time the phrase, “Religious Spirit,” and wondered if there was such a thing.  Today I am no longer wondering I know there is a religious spirit that gets a hold of people and gives them a false hope of knowing God. I see that religious spirit most Sundays when I go to church. It masks itself in a variety of ways, but usually it comes out through the promotion of the church, and the involvement of that church in the community. Religious spirits have a tendency to worship the works of ministry rather than the Lord. It is often so below the religious radar that most people don’t notice how a religious spirit is being lived out in their church. One of the ways a religious spirit is identified is by the standard that is used to measure success. Another way of saying this would be “who gets the credit for the success of the ministry?”  Prosperity preaching churches for example say it’s the Lord who brings the blessing but insist that your faith and commitment to believe makes success happen. It is a little like the disciples who were so excited about their ministry of casting out demons rather than being thankful for their entrance into the kingdom.  This is a perfect example of loving their ministry more than they did God.

 Luke 10:17 The seventy-two returned with joy and said, “Lord, even the demons submit to us in your name.” 18 He replied, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven. 19 I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you. 20 However, do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven.”

This is a problem that the church has had in almost every generation. It is the problem with knowledge vs. demonstration. In other words, we spend a great deal of time teaching people about the Bible, but fail to demonstrate those teachings beyond the sanctuary. Now I realize that this is a broad brush, but no one can argue that Christians have become the most benign group of people on the planet. They have no voice in culture, no one pays attention to them and when they do voice their opinion they are called haters by a small minority and Christians retreat to their churches. They tell us that 83% of Americans say they are Christians, so why can’t this large group stop abortions, bring solutions to the racial unrest, stop human trafficking or resist the immoral decay that has devastated America? Perhaps Christians are not following Christ but they are following a religious spirit?  What else could be the explanation of why there is little to no success in influencing this nation for God?  The truth of the matter is that followers of Jesus Christ do not belong to this world nor do they belong to denominations or even their church, they belong to Him and His Kingdom. The church did not rescue anyone from darkness churches just expose it. Jesus rescued us from darkness, and brought us into His Kingdom.  It is that Kingdom that will one day rule this world.

Colossians 1: 13 for he has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son.

So lets review: the largest group of people living in America self identify as Christians yet this large group gets silenced by the darkness that surrounds them.

By their silence they allow the worthless deeds of evil and darkness to grow by their lack of not pushing back. Pulpits do not want to offend anyone so they keep the sermons away from controversial issues.  

Eph 5:11 Take no part in the worthless deeds of evil and darkness; instead, expose them.

Christians learn about the darkness at church and then we live in such a way that never exposes it in real life. Followers of Jesus were called by Jesus to be salt and light in this world so how does salt and light not expose the darkness if they are really following Jesus?  Great question and again the only answer is they aren’t salt and light, and probably follow a religious spirit rather than Jesus. So lets credit being religious for the ineptness of the Christian witness in America and consider that following Jesus is something completely different.

1 Thessalonians 2:12 Encouraging, comforting and urging you to live lives worthy of God, who calls you into his kingdom and glory.

Following Jesus isn’t following a religious spirit, it is entering into His kingdom by believing in Jesus as Lord and Savior. God's Kingdom is designed to help people who enter the Kingdom reach other people who are lost and addicted to this world. As members of His Kingdom we live differently, it is not about avoiding anything it’s about confronting everything that is in opposition to God.

I am crediting the religious spirit found in many churches for the lack of Christian influence in our world, but the spirit of God wants to build a different kind of church that is not only without spot or wrinkle but He also wants His people who are in His Kingdom to destroy the works of the Devil. We need to stop being religiously captivated and become spiritually activated. If the religious spirit that has captivated many of our churches is not of God, then it throws it in into an entirely different light....just saying!

Keeping it honest and truthful…K




We Won’t Be Rid Of Him In 2017


President Obama I am sure will be finding a new job working with organizations like the United Nations to further his globalist goals. World Net Daily published an article about a recent speech that Obama made that indicated some of the future plans to unite the world around a new order of world government. The UN has a new “2030” agenda where they are working on  sustainable development goals which will include the eradication of poverty and saving the planet from climate change. 

The 2030 Agenda, which is the U.N.’s updated version of Agenda 21, also includes for the first time the rights of migrants to move across open borders for economic opportunity.

 “Obama simply reflects his globalist handlers when he suggests that the solution to the world’s problems will be found in everyone’s submission to a single globalist power,” writes Patrick Wood for Technocracy News and Trends.

Obama told the ambassadors gathered at the reception that the world needs to “build strong institutions to protect people from those impulses” of national or cultural pride. This seemed to be a reference to supporters of Donald Trump in the U.S. and other nationalist-oriented parties gaining popularity in Europe. These parties are now calling for their countries to follow Britain’s recent example and exit the European Union.

That’s a path that will not succeed in America or anywhere else, Obama said.

“In other words, all Americans should stop being so selfish and self-centered and surrender themselves to the global ‘common good,'” Wood wrote.

There was talk late last year that Obama’s next position following his presidency would be the General Secretary of the United Nations. Obama went on to say:

“The world needed to work with “our Muslim partners” to “push back against hateful ideologies that twist and distort Islam – a religion that teaches peace and justice and compassion.”

“We will defeat these ideologies by offering a better vision of development and economic progress,” Obama added.

Americans are so fooled by the ambitions of President Obama and have no clue that his goals are to divest America from being the leading country in the world in order to gain support from the rest of the world so that he will be able to accomplish the goals of a globalized economy and government. Okay lets look at what the United Nations wants to do with their 2030 agenda:


  • No poverty
  • Zero hunger
  • Good health and well-being
  • Quality education
  • Gender equality
  • Clean water and sanitation
  • Affordable and clean energy
  • Decent work and economic growth
  • Industry innovation and infrastructure
  • Reduced inequalities
  • Sustainable Cities and communities
  • Responsible consumption and production
  • Climate action
  • Life below water
  • Life on land
  • Peace, justice and strong institutions
  • Partnerships for the goals


The UN has some ambitious goals yet without a strong leader pushing to bring the world economy’s together to fund and enforce this agenda, it will remain just items in a list. I can see how these items would appeal to a younger generation whose ideals are shaped by the politically left leaning education. I can also see the reason why we won’t be getting rid of Obama anytime soon.

President Obama is no doubt looking for something of enough grandeur to reflect his opinion of himself, and rumors are floating back from the Middle East that he is sounding out Democrats, Republicans and friends of the United Nations in the United States to help him get the job of secretary-general of the U.N. Ban Ki-Moon’s term expires this year and Mr. Obama is said to think he’s just the man to succeed him.                               –Washington Times Editorial

So what does all this mean to you?  Good question, and I would assume most of us could care less what he does as along as he is out of office and out of politics in the U.S. Yet, it will affect you in the long run, because this “agenda 2030” comes with a high price tag for the American tax payer and a devaluation of our economy that will place us on pair with a standard all nations will have to adopt.  For poorer countries it means we will be again be pawns of the distribution of wealth scheme that Obama has been doing since he took office.

However the thought occurred to me that the only way we develop a safer more prosperous world is by controlling every individual to make sure that equality is fair across the board. In order to control abuses, and to make sure everyone gets the necessary allotment of goods and services, the only way to accomplish this is to place a chip within them. This morning I was standing in Walmart reading a missing persons board and felt so bad for so many families who lost a child.  Chipping children at birth would be the solution to missing children. You can see how technology will play into the plans of the globalists and the safety of our children. This kind of technology sounds good on the surface because it can locate anyone at any time of the day or night. So what happens when this technology tells you what you can buy and what you can’t according to something like “agenda 2030?”  There will be no tolerance for dissension and they will have the power to make you do what they want you to do.  The problem for us won’t be in selling us the safety of technology it will be the control of it. This is why the Bible was so specific about world governing system that will oppose the Judeo-Christian God, His people the Jews and His Church.

Revelation 13-17-18 so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark—the name of the beast or the number of its name. 18 Here is a call for wisdom: Let the one who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and that number is six hundred sixty-six.

What we see in today’s world is preparing us for how Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.

Keeping it honest and truthful…K



The Sleeping Church

I want you to see a short video that brings some clarity to the mission of the Church.

Keeping it honest and truthful...K



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