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Challenging the Culture with Truth

with Larry Kutzler and Esteemed Guests

CitySites Urban Media presents a new Podcast every Friday. We want you to hear from people who are making a difference, and we hope our Podcasts bring you a perspective that isn't taught in today's Christianity. Be sure to listen to our latest Podcast every Friday!

Introduction to Hell with Chris Heeb

Hell is a topic that is not too popular in today’s church. Yet, Jesus talked about Hell more than any other person in the Scriptures. So, why don’t we talk much about Hell today?  Well, we will discover that in this episode. My guest is Evangelist Chris Heeb. Visit Chris Heeb Ministry

Growing in Grace and Knowledge of Jesus with Shawn Morrison

In this episode, I talk with Shawn Morrison about how easy it is to be diverted in our thinking. Do we pursue the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ? Or do we go down rabbit trails? There’s so much opinion floating around the Body of Christ, and at any moment something can take us off course in another direction other than following Him. Listen in as we discuss this theme. Visit Shawn Morrison

Evangelism with Dean Goossen

I have spent most of my life hanging around Pastors and Executive Directors, and I realized I have never met a real evangelist. Of course, we all know the most famous evangelist of our time, Billy Graham, but I wanted to find someone who is operating in that office of Evangelist so I could interview them.  I didn’t have to look to hard … I found one in my own church.  Dean Gooseen left a successful construction company to answer the call of evangelism, full time. In this episode, I introduce you to Dean, and I think you will agree … evangelists are people too.  Visit Dean Goossen

Knowing the Difference with Larry Kutzler

In our world, one of the agenda’s being promoted is the removal of difference. There is no difference in the sexes, everyone should believe in global warming, and if you don’t you are shunned from the public square of ideas.  In the church, difference is between being saved (having a personal relationship with Jesus) and not being saved, or rejecting Christianity’s claims of being the truth of God. Knowing Jesus and not knowing Him, is a big difference to the church. Knowing the difference between the lie and the truth is the other major theme of the church. Truth will never lie, and a lie will always produce deception. Knowing the difference between the fake and the real is a major conundrum in our world. Confusion is the agenda of darkness … to make the good sound bad, and make the bad sound good. Knowing the difference is critical to your spiritual life. In this episode, that is our theme, knowing the difference.’

The Watchmen with Larry Kutzler

In the Bible, watchmen were men who would stand on a wall surrounding the city and sound an alarm when an enemy was coming to attack the city. It was his responsibility to warn the people of impending danger. Today, we don’t have people standing on a wall to warm us, but we do have people who stand on the Word of God to sound an alarm of what God has said about our world. The dangers are everywhere, and unfortunately, there are few watchmen in our churches.  Today has become a day of platitudes and messages that coach us along for a better life with God, but where are the watchmen?

Generations with Dave Wonders

Everything is generational. In this episode, I talk with a friend who is willing to talk about his generation and the church. Dave Wonders is a millennial, who is married, has 3 kids, is a radio personality on a Christian network, and plays on the worship team at his church, and he is my guest. I wanted to start a series on generations, and what it means for the church moving forward. Dave joins me to start this series, and I think you might be surprised by what he has to say.

Why Is Israel Important? with Dr. Jay Christianson

Pastor Jay Christianson is an expert on Israel. He studies the Scriptures from a Hebraic perspective. For 2000 years, the Church has ignored Israel’s importance to the Church and that is a big theological mistake. This episode is about the importance of Israel, not only to the Church but to the world and mankind. Visit Jay Christianson

On Discernment with Larry Kutzler

Over the years, I have found myself coming back to this theme of discernment quite often. It’s because there are so many voices and so many concepts that keep coming into the church. These need to be analyzed as to the validity of being from the Lord. Every few years, new trends emerge. How legitimate are they in fitting into God’s plan? It’s getting harder to know, so a spirit of discernment needs to be practiced more and more as we approach the day of His return. I try to be fair and honest with my assessment on this theme, and I hope it will make sense to you. Test everything is a good spiritual practice … and discernment is a part of that testing. 

Church Hurt with Pastor Heath Beard

Everyone knows someone who has been hurt by the church. We hear horror stories on how people are treated or even abused. Some people may think that church hurt may be just over sensitive people who need to learn to move on. Yet, there is a reality to the organization called the Church to present behavior that is not becoming of Christ.  Some people may even use the term Church Hurt in a manner that is abusive to the church, and use it as an excuse to not go to church. In this episode, I talk with Pastor Heath Beard, the Lead Pastor at Heritage Church in Baxter, Minnesota, who recently preached a message about this theme. Visit Heritage Church

Are You Not the Same as Always? with Shawn Morrison

One of the main themes of the Bible is that God never changes. Not only does He not change, but none of His benefits change either. His forgiveness is complete … it never changes. His promises to us never change … they remain constant. His protection never changes … He is always watching over us. God never changes, and that makes Him reliable to place our faith and trust in because He cannot change. In this episode, I have a conversation with Reverend Shawn Morrison about this verse in Isaiah 51:10 “Are you not the same today?”  That phrase itself is one to memorize. When we pray, on behalf of ourselves or others, we are remembering that God never changes.  If God intervened through miracles or deliverance before, He can do the same today. Visit Shawn Morrison

Israel, Jews, and Antisemitism, Part 3 with Trevor Rubinstein

This episode is our third conversation with Trevor Rubenstein from Chosen People Ministries. Trevor has been with us the past three episodes as we talked about Israel, Jews, and Antisemitism. Trevor is a Jew who lived as an atheist until being confronted with the Gospel. Since then he has traveled, speaking in synagogues, mosques, and churches about Jesus being the Messiah for the world. This is our final conversation with Trevor, and we talk about evangelism among the Jews. Visit Chosen People Ministries

Israel, Jews, and Antisemitism, Part 2 with Trevor Rubinstein

This is the second episode of a three-week series on Israel, Jews, and Antisemitism. My colleague, Dr. Jay Christianson, and I invited Chosen People Ministry to join us. Chosen People Ministry is a global ministry that has as its mission to reach the Jews for Christ. Trevor Rubenstein is a friend and represents Chosen People Ministry in the State of Minnesota. Trevor is a Jew whose life was changed forever when he decided to make Jesus his Messiah. From an atheist to a committed follower of Jesus, Trevor has many insights he shares with us on Israel, Jews, and Antisemitism. Visit Chosen People Ministries

Israel, Jews, and Antisemitism, Part 1 with Trevor Rubinstein

Recently, Dr. Jay Christianson and I decided to team up and do some interviews with Trevor Rubenstein of Chosen People Ministries. Chosen People ministries is a Messianic Ministry that has one goal to achieve, “To see the Jewish nation come to know their Messiah in Jesus.“ With ministry outposts in all areas around the globe where there are higher concentrations of Jews, you will find Chosen People ministries. Trevor Rubenstein lives and works in the Twin Cities, and his outreach is to reach the Jewish community here in Minnesota. Some Jews are extremely religious, while others are thoroughly atheistic. Of course, we think all Jews, being the chosen people from Scripture, would all have an understanding of who God is … not so much. So, for the next three episodes, Dr Jay Christianson and I will be having conversations with Trevor about Israel, Jews, and antisemitism. Visit Chosen People Ministries

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