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Challenging the Culture with Truth

with Larry Kutzler and Esteemed Guests

CitySites Urban Media presents a new Podcast every Friday. We want you to hear from people who are making a difference, and we hope our Podcasts bring you a perspective that isn't taught in today's Christianity. Be sure to listen to our latest Podcast every Friday!

Losing Track of God with Chris Heeb

As the late David Wilkerson once preached, “in the last days, there will be two churches, one a false church and the second will be the real church.” Of course, his comments parallel the parable that Jesus told of the wheat and the tares, where the two will grow side by side until the end.  Chris Heeb joins me in this episode, as we talk about Hosea 4, where the prophet outlines what happens to a people who lose track of God and His ways.

On Discernment, Part 2 with Walt McFadden

Discernment about our times is critical for the Church. It helps prepare our hearts and lives, for the fulfilment of the prophecy Jesus talked about throughout His ministry. Matthew 24 is a good example of knowing when these things will happen, and for the Church to keeping watching and praying until Jesus returns. In this episode, Pastor Walt McFadden talks about some of issues we face today in the Church. This is Part 2 of our conversation. Visit Walt McFadden

On Discernment, Part 1 with Walt McFadden

As we have said many times on the podcast, discernment is a missing art in most churches today. We accept ideas that practice behavior that is not in keeping with the holiness and the truth of God’s word. In this episode, Pastor Walt McFadden from Cityview Church in South Minneapolis, discusses some of these ideas coming into the church … from politics to the false church. Visit Walt McFadden

On Golden Calves with Shawn Morrison

Exodus 32 is where we read about the Golden Calf that the Israelites made, because of their fear of living in the wilderness without Moses. It is amazing to me, that they were so quick to abandon the God who just liberated them from being slaves, walking on dry land through the Red Sea, and now they moved from their God to a god made from their own hands. Golden Calves have symbolized this transaction ever since. Today, we might be still struggling with Golden Calves in the Church. In this episode, I talk with Reverend Shawn Morrison about the Golden Calves in the Church. Visit Shawn Morrison

A Different Gospel with Tom Parrish

The Bible speaks about people introducing a different gospel into the Church. It usually adds something to what the Scriptures teach, and it changes the dynamics of God’s Word. My guest today talks about believing in a gospel or a god of their own imagination. In this episode, Pastor Tom Parrish and I talk about these new gospel insertions. Visit Tom Parrish

On Israel with Dr. Jay Christianson

There has been so much in the news the last eight months about Israel. We have heard how anti-Semitism has increased around the world, and of course the war in Gaza has been on everyone’s mind. In this episode, I talk with Dr. Jay Christianson from HIghBeam Ministry, about Israel, and the relationship she has with the Church. We talk candidly about how many Christians are not aware, nor have they been taught about the importance Israel has to the church. Visit HighBeam Ministry

The Seven Churches with Dr. Jay Christianson

One of my favorite topics to discuss is in the Book of Revelation, the message of Jesus to the Seven Churches. He outlines the good things He sees, but He also gives a warning. That warning comes with the admonition that if changes aren’t made, He would remove their candlestick which is their call to represent Him. Dr. Jay Christianson of HighBeam Ministry, joins me for a conversation about these Seven Churches. Visit HighBeam Ministry

The Art of Shepherding with Pastor Dave McGaffey

For a long time, I have felt that pastors may be evolving into something more that the image of the Shepherd. I realize that most of us have never seen a real shepherd, but the idea of caring for people was the image that Jesus left us, defining what a human shepherd does.  Today, the pastor is required to do more than just care for people spiritually, they often must do the fund raising, be the administrator, and in some cases, the pastor is more like a CEO. In this episode, I talk to a veteran pastor about the Art of Shepherding. Pastor Dave McGaffey has been a pastor for over 29 years, and we talk candidly about the pastor as a Shepherd. Visit Pastor Dave McGaffey

Curses with Dr. Jay Christianson

Curses sound so occult-like, but the Bible is clear that there are ramifications for living in opposition to God. In this episode, Dr. Jay Christianson of HighBeam Ministry, and I talk about the curses the Bible speaks about. Join us in our enlightening conversation. Visit HighBeam Ministry

Church Hurt with Pastor Heath Beard

Everyone knows someone who has been hurt by the church. We hear horror stories on how people are treated or even abused. Some people may think that church hurt may be just over sensitive people who need to learn to move on. Yet, there is a reality to the organization called the Church to present behavior that is not becoming of Christ.  Some people may even use the term Church Hurt in a manner that is abusive to the church, and use it as an excuse to not go to church. In this episode, I talk with Pastor Heath Beard, the Lead Pastor at Heritage Church in Baxter, Minnesota, who recently preached a message about this theme. Visit Heritage Church

The Practice of Abortion with Brian Walker

The Supreme Court overturned Roe vs Wade in June of 2022, and since then, some States have scrambled to reinstate abortion rights in their jurisdiction. Thank God for those States who said no to abortion. But in the State of Minnesota, they not only approved abortion rights for Minnesotan’s, but also became a sanctuary abortion State for people living in those States who have banned the procedure. Today, I talk with Brian Walker of Pro-Action Ministries about the Practice of Abortion since the Supreme Court made their ruling. Visit Pro-Action Ministries

On Idolatry with Dr. Jay Christianson

Idolatry is rarely talked about today … especially when it concerns making good things into idols. I know this might seem odd to you, but God says, “You shall have no other gods before Me.” Now, He didn’t define idols as good or bad, He just said nothing should come before Me. I think we understand what idols are when they are a bad influence, but when good things become idols, that’s more troubling to us. Dr. Jay Christianson of HighBeam Ministry, and I talk about the how good things in our lives can become idols of worship. Visit HighBeam Ministry

A Revolution Like No Other with Larry Kutzler

On Easter Sunday, I’m sure we will hear all kinds of sermons on the importance of the Resurrection. In fact, as some have said already, if there wasn’t a resurrection, there would be no Gospel. In this episode, I share some thoughts about the revolution Jesus started on Easter Morning. It is a revolution like no other, it was a revolution of God entering our world to pay for our sins on the Cross. By His death and His resurrection, He changed the dynamics of human life forever. To me, that is a revolution.

Silence in the Church with Dr. Jay Christianson

In the day in which we live, we need to add our voice against the terrors in our day. Human trafficking, abortion, transgenderism, freedom of speech, religious freedom, and so many more trends that need a voice of descent. I realize our message is Christ, but if the Church fails to push back the darkness … the darkness will curtail the truth-telling of the Gospel. In this episode, I talk with Dr. Jay Christianson of HighBeam Ministry about the silence in the Church. Visit HighBeam Ministry

Neutrality of the Church with Chris Heeb

I have found more churches taking a neutral stand on the issues of our day. In this episode, I asked my guest, Chris Heeb, of Chris Heeb Ministry, if Jesus were to add another letter to the seven letters to the Churches in the Book of Revelation, what would He say to us? That’s a good question, isn’t it?  Would He say we have become compromised, non-committal, and neutral on issues we should confront?  Join us for our conversation about this relevant topic. Visit Chris Heeb Ministry

Introduction to Hell with Chris Heeb

Hell is a topic that is not too popular in today’s church. Yet, Jesus talked about Hell more than any other person in the Scriptures. So, why don’t we talk much about Hell today?  Well, we will discover that in this episode. My guest is Evangelist Chris Heeb. Visit Chris Heeb Ministry

Growing in Grace and Knowledge of Jesus with Shawn Morrison

In this episode, I talk with Shawn Morrison about how easy it is to be diverted in our thinking. Do we pursue the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ? Or do we go down rabbit trails? There’s so much opinion floating around the Body of Christ, and at any moment something can take us off course in another direction other than following Him. Listen in as we discuss this theme. Visit Shawn Morrison

Issues the Church Needs to Address with Jason Erickson

I am convinced that churches follow the pastor’s lead. So, if the pastor is silent on issues they should be speaking on, the church will be silent too. It is important we encourage pastors to be proactive in ministering the Word of God on issues facing us today.  I speak with a pastor about issues he sees in the church that need to be addressed. Pastor Jason Erickson leads Risen Church in Brainerd, Minnesota, and he has identified three areas he is concerned about in today’s church … apathy, spiritual growth, and holiness. We unpack these in this episode. Visit Risen Church

Evangelism with Dean Goossen

I have spent most of my life hanging around Pastors and Executive Directors, and I realized I have never met a real evangelist. Of course, we all know the most famous evangelist of our time, Billy Graham, but I wanted to find someone who is operating in that office of Evangelist so I could interview them.  I didn’t have to look to hard … I found one in my own church.  Dean Gooseen left a successful construction company to answer the call of evangelism, full time. In this episode, I introduce you to Dean, and I think you will agree … evangelists are people too.  Visit Dean Goossen

Knowing the Difference with Larry Kutzler

In our world, one of the agenda’s being promoted is the removal of difference. There is no difference in the sexes, everyone should believe in global warming, and if you don’t you are shunned from the public square of ideas.  In the church, difference is between being saved (having a personal relationship with Jesus) and not being saved, or rejecting Christianity’s claims of being the truth of God. Knowing Jesus and not knowing Him, is a big difference to the church. Knowing the difference between the lie and the truth is the other major theme of the church. Truth will never lie, and a lie will always produce deception. Knowing the difference between the fake and the real is a major conundrum in our world. Confusion is the agenda of darkness … to make the good sound bad, and make the bad sound good. Knowing the difference is critical to your spiritual life. In this episode, that is our theme, knowing the difference.’

The Watchmen with Larry Kutzler

In the Bible, watchmen were men who would stand on a wall surrounding the city and sound an alarm when an enemy was coming to attack the city. It was his responsibility to warn the people of impending danger. Today, we don’t have people standing on a wall to warm us, but we do have people who stand on the Word of God to sound an alarm of what God has said about our world. The dangers are everywhere, and unfortunately, there are few watchmen in our churches.  Today has become a day of platitudes and messages that coach us along for a better life with God, but where are the watchmen?

On Discernment with Larry Kutzler

Over the years, I have found myself coming back to this theme of discernment quite often. It’s because there are so many voices and so many concepts that keep coming into the church. These need to be analyzed as to the validity of being from the Lord. Every few years, new trends emerge. How legitimate are they in fitting into God’s plan? It’s getting harder to know, so a spirit of discernment needs to be practiced more and more as we approach the day of His return. I try to be fair and honest with my assessment on this theme, and I hope it will make sense to you. Test everything is a good spiritual practice … and discernment is a part of that testing. 

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