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Since 2002, CitySites Urban Media has been producing audio and video productions, and continues to be a leader in creative and affordable audio and video productions for non-profit ministries and churches.

If you wish details on how we can help you expand your influence to a broader audience, for references and our extended audio/video portfolio, or for a Quote, please Contact Us

Audio Productions

CitySites Urban Media started as a response to the lack of multi-cultural outreach on Christian radio stations. We have produced radio programs for ethnic outreaches in various languages including:

  • Hmong

  • Russian

  • Spanish

  • Somalian

  • Eritrean

Audio Productions

Radio Productions

CitySites Urban Media created short features for music radio, including:

  • Teen Challenge Presents 

  • Bridging the Gap Woman’s Ministry

  • Metro Hope Ministry

  • Allies Youth Ministry

  • Workplace Minute for the Marketplace

  • CitySites Daily Digest; a radio magazine on Christian Ministry in the Twin Cities

CitySites Urban Media created longer teaching radio shows, including:

  • Deeper Life Bible Church; 3rd largest Church in the world from Logo Nigeria

  • Faith Roots Radio; a program about the Hebraic Roots of Scripture

  • Understanding the Times Radio with Jan Markell

Radio Productions
Video Productios

Video Productions

CitySites Urban Media creates promotional and teaching videos for non-profit ministries and churches who wish to expand their influence to a broader audience.  Our expertise is in creating 3-5 minute videos for promotion and teaching, and these short, but effective, videos are ideal for telling the story of ministries. These videos are excellent for websites, YouTube, social media, and for introducing an audience to the ministry prior to a speaker. 

We have produced teaching videos for various ministries, including:

  • Hope for the City

  • World Mission Prayer League

  • Good News for Israel

  • St Michael's Lutheran Church, Bloomington

  • St Paul’s Lutheran Church, Minneapolis

  • Union Gospel Mission

  • Hennepin County​

Podcast Productions

CitySites Urban Media produces Podcasts for Clients who want to develop a following on the Internet, Social Media, and Internet Radio. We record, and also edit previously produced, broadcasts, sermons, and teachings to fit a specific time frame with the quality standards you require.

CitySites Urban Media produces the CitySites Podcast Network which not only enables us to showcase our Client's Podcasts, our CitySites Podcast Network promotes our Client's Podcasts and their Website offering increased Online exposure.

Podcast Productions
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