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with Dr. Nathan Unruh

Dr. Nathan Unruh starts your week off right with a pep talk and perspective.

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Taking Care of Your Mind's Garden


What if you could flip the switch from negativity to positivity?

Think of each negative thought as a weed to be uprooted and replaced with a positive seed. It's a gradual process, requiring patience and dedication.

Ready to boost your mind? Join Dr. Nathan Unruh as he tackles tips for a brighter outlook and a healthier mindset!

Mindset Shift.png

Mindset Shift for Success


Have you ever felt stuck, blaming external factors for your lack of progress? Imagine a person frustrated with failure, crumpling a paper in defeat and contrast that with someone deeply contemplating their next move over a cup of coffee.

The difference? Approach. Tune in to this exciting episode of Monday Morning Mindset, where Dr. Nathan Unruh reveals the secrets to transforming our lives through a fresh approach. When we change our approach, we change our results. Are you ready to embrace that change?

Key to Joy.png

The Key to Joy is Appreciation


Taking a moment to appreciate the blessings we possess can change our whole mindset.

Come along with Dr. Nathan Unruh on this Monday Morning Mindset as he shares a tip on how we can make our lives happier.

And always keep in mind, happiness isn't about what we'll have someday ... it's about cherishing what we've got right in front of us.

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