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Old Men Shall Dream Dreams

The Bible says that in the last days old men will dream dreams. I had one of those dreams, (which qualifies that, yes, I am old).


Dreams are hard to interpret because they are usually a combination of real moments in life and the surreal. I am not a prophet, yet at times I see through prophetic eyes, and we have been told that the Scriptures are almost 1/3 prophecy. So, by simply reading the Bible, you will be acquainted with prophecy.


The dream that I had started by portraying people as being both vulnerable and fearful. People in this dream were frightened and seemed to be worn out trying to keep their lives together. There wasn’t any hope in anyone, which made the dream very dark and horrible. As the dream progressed, it was obvious that since hope was gone, so was the idea of God. Somehow, God had been removed from everything … there were no churches, no religious services or gatherings … it was like they never existed.


However, there was a sense of control and order, even though it was not obvious to me, the dreamer. I did conclude that fear ruled everyone, so there wasn’t anyone who had faith. It felt like it did during the Covid-19 pandemic, people lost their minds to fear, and they accepted everything that was told to them as if was sacred. People were vulnerable and without direction. It was apparent from what I witnessed that everything people consumed came from their phones. Nothing was more important than keeping connected to their phone. I saw no other electronics than phones. No television, no radio, no media at all except what I could tell was on their phones. Whatever was being watched and listened to was creating fear, but it was all they had to keep their sanity. People lived for their screens, they appeared to me as addicts hooked on a narcotic. There was a day in this dream when the power went out, and all phone subscriptions were required to once again be connected. There was mass hysteria, panic was everywhere. Then I woke up.


I tried to get back to sleep to see if the dream would reveal more, but no such luck. I was awake with what I had. I have processed this dream for a few days now and concluded that the dream was about fear, the loss of hope, and the seduction of tolerance. Nothing is new here, but I was rattled when I woke up. The events were not that scary … being there was.


The dream made me realize that fear is a great motivator to get things done. When you look at most empires, it was fear that made them successful. Daniel tells us the last empire ruled by the Antichrist will be the fiercest empire the world has ever known.


Today, more of our world is being controlled by the few. It is those few who create the fear of being canceled, fired for opposing the use of pronouns, and speaking against the woke agenda. Our world hates God, and there is evidence the Bible will be considered hate speech soon. God's values are constantly being challenged in the halls of education and the chambers of government. Fear makes people vulnerable and susceptible to believing in lies. The best way to explain this vulnerability is the pattern of how we think. Group Think is the most popular because it makes everyone have equity. The fear of opposing others makes compliance easy, but it comes at the expense of living in fear of opposing the mob. Something that started a few years ago in classrooms, has now become a normal way of thinking in our day.


Jesus said it would be like this when He talked about the narrow and broad gates. The way we think and process information is critical to how a society functions. If the only thing that matters is accepting others by the tolerance of an unrestricted set of values and morals, critical thinking is now dead. It eventually affects freedom of speech, because no one will be free to speak without a direct consequence. Hope for change will eventually die. It has happened in every country with dictators, and in every empire with a Caesar.


My dream has relevance, and that is why I share it with you now. So, what can we do? Get serious about your faith … it’s time to drive the stake deep into God’s Word. Now is the time to give the Holy Spirit free access to train and equip you to oppose hopelessness with the Gospel of Hope. It is a time to devote yourself to the freedom that prayer brings because it reminds us of Who is ultimately in control. It will get dark, and the world will follow the path the Bible calls the end times, but despair is not in the hearts of those who follow Jesus. He controlled the world of evil at the Cross, and darkness must give way to light. He is the Lord of heaven and earth, and no one overthrows His kingdom. Preparing yourself for the future begins now. Prepare your heart with the sound of God’s voice:


John 14:18 I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.


Romans 15:13 Pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit.


Challenging the Culture with Truth … Larry Kutzler



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